Ataman unleashes controversy and Turkey succumbs to madness – AS

Group A is on fire. Tbilisi hosts the meetings of the teams that fight against Spain for a place in the round of 16 of Eurobasket 2022, and in that city the host, Georgia, has prevailed in an absolutely titanic confrontation: two extensions, a huge number of errors, controversy and madness. There was everything: fights, throwing objects by the fans, expulsions, impossible triples and mistakes that marked the future of a match that Spain, defeated by Belgium on matchday three, looked askance: in the event of a Turkish victory, their classification for eighths it was virtual. Now, she occupies the fourth position of the group, although she continues to depend, of course, on herself. The game even became long: with less than 5 minutes to go and with a 3-point lead for Georgia (59-62), Furkan Korkmaz and Duda Sanazde hooked up and were expelled by the referees. During the scuffle and subsequent review, Turkey complained after the match that 22 seconds were off the clock. a rather uncomfortable situation for the Eurobasket and that does nothing but increase the dose of controversy. Returning to the fray, players from both benches were involved… and the public, who participated by throwing things at the basketball players, a sad sight on a basketball court. The clash was stopped for a long time, but was resumed to confirm first an extension and then another. The mistakes were made, the samples of individual talent were the only thing that gave some kind of rhythm to the afternoon and gave the feeling that the end was not coming. A clear mistake: sooner or later, everything ends. A pass from Thaddeus McFadden that had Sandro Mamukelashvili as a recipient (20 points and 12 rebounds in almost 45 minutes, the best of the game), forced the first extra time. Cedi Osman couldn’t help it. With 74-72 in favor of the Turks, McFadden himself converted an impossible three-pointer, but missed on his two subsequent attempts and a solitary free throw from Alperen Sengun, Usman Garuba’s teammate at Houston Rockets, served to lengthen the clash for another 5 minutes. Sengun finished, by the way, with 21 goals and 9 rejections, being the best of his along with Sertac Sanli (15+9). It was useless. In the second and last overtime, the game ended: with 81-84 for Georgia, Turkey had the opportunity to defend and then have the possibility of forcing a new extra time through the triple. However, and after visiting the Instant Replay, the referees considered a foul by Cedi Osman to be unsportsmanlike, which ultimately led to Ergin Ataman’s expulsion after continuous complaints from him. A situation that did nothing more than lengthen the situation with protests and repetitions and that he put, free throws and possession through, an already insurmountable 81-88 and that could only be compensated with a lonely basket by Sengun that was worth little. What the meeting was useful for was to turn group A upside down. We are in those.