Ortega Cano’s tense call to ‘It’s already summer’, without interacting with Ana María Aldón: “I feel ridiculous. At home we don’t exist” – 20minutos.es

José Ortega Cano entered this Sunday by phone in It’s already summer, where his wife, Ana María Aldón, was on set as a collaborator. However, far from smoothing things over and bringing positions closer, caused by the serious crisis they are experiencing in their marriage, the call was very tense, since they barely interacted with each other, except at the request of the presenter, Verónica Duranto. “I feel ridiculous “, The designer came to say about it, taking advantage, in turn, to throw things in the face of her still husband. “In some things it is a matter of two, but, in others, there are too many people”, in reference to the bullfighter’s family, with whom Aldón maintains an open war. The right-hander came on the phone and spoke of the complicated situation that the couple at home. “We lack communication and we are both to blame. It is as if we did not exist,” he revealed, also asking for dialogue between the two. “Life is very short, we only live for a few years and we have to temper our spirits”. That yes, when asked about what he felt for his wife, he said: “I’m still in love with Ana María. I carry that deep inside me. At some point I have been able to slip up with some words, but what I think is there is a lack of communication and dialogue,” Ortega Cano insisted again. For her part, she avoided the question and blamed him: “We are the parents of a child and we have to make decisions, the two of us, not eighteen.” Before hanging up, yes, she recognized her husband: “I like that you have entered in this tone, because I don’t like to see you upset or angry, let alone yelling”.