Nine hikers rescued in the Pyrenees the first weekend of September

This weekend the Huesca Civil Guard has carried out intense rescue days in the Pyrenees. In total there have been nine operations with nine assisted mountaineers, as indicated by the Civil Guard, through the 112-SOS Aragón Emergency Central and they were relayed to 062 of the Huesca Civil Guard. The first notice was received around 12:00 on Friday, reporting that a 33-year-old resident of Madrid had suffered a broken leg after jumping into a pool in the Os Lucas ravine, in the municipality of Biescas. The GREIM of Panticosa assisted the injured person on foot until the arrival of the ambulance with a doctor and nurse from 061, who gave them analgesia and he was transferred on a stretcher to the ambulance and from there, to the San Jorge Hospital in Huesca. second notice through 112 SOS-Aragón indicated that a climber who was doing the route known as The Fifth Step, had suffered a fall of about ten meters and had severe ankle pain, in addition to several blows from the impact against the wall . Greim’s staff went to the place by helicopter from the Huesca Civil Guard and the 061 health service. Once at the scene, the health service treated the injured woman and extracted the other climber who was unharmed. that a mountaineer has suffered an accident a few meters from the Bachimaña Refuge. He had a severe pain in his ankle that prevented him from continuing, but he managed to reach the shelter where they prepared his evacuation by helicopter and then by ambulance to Sabiñánigo. ankle injury in the vicinity of Ibón de Arnales (Panticosa). Once located, he was evacuated to the Panticosa helipad and from there in an ambulance to a medical center. At the same time, the same troops came to the rescue of a 38-year-old man from Biscay who was exhausted in the Bachimaña shelter, for which he was evacuated to the San Jorge Hospital in Huesca. Finally, around 1:30 p.m., members of the Greim de Panticosa Together with the Air Unit based in Benasque and a 061 sanitary, they rescued a lost hiker near the viewpoint of the town of Troncedo. For its part, three notices were received on Sunday, all of them at the central COS-062 of the Huesca Civil Guard through 112-SOS Aragón. The first at 11:40, reporting a mountaineer with a possible attack of sciatica in the Frozen Lake area. Greim Boltaña went to the place with a helicopter from the Civil Guard based in Huesca and a doctor from 061. The second was around 3:15 p.m. It was a 70-year-old mountaineer with a possible ankle fracture when he descended from the Ibón de Barleto to the Collado de la Cruz de Guardia, municipality of Bielsa, and the same rescue team as the previous one went to the place. At 4:30 p.m., a cyclist suffered an accident when he was descending the Saboco descent towards Pueyo de Jaca, with a strong blow to the face. Greim de Panticosa went to the scene by helicopter from the Huesca Civil Guard.