“Showing the real Sylvie”: Sylvie Tellier reveals what her new life will look like after Miss France

Sylvie Tellier is having an eventful start to the 2022 school year. Between the purchase of supplies for three children, Oscar (12 years old), Margaux (8 years old) and Roméo (4 years old), and especially her departure from the management of the Miss France committee (the former Miss France Cindy Fabre replaces her) , the former beauty queen had a dense and busy week. Indeed, she chained interviews and TV sets. Miss France, it’s a page of my life Speaking of TV, the 50 Minutes Inside team followed Sylvie Tellier throughout the week. Still overwhelmed by the emotion due to her departure, the now former director of the Miss France committee returned to this adventure which changed her life forever. “Twenty years ago, the French trusted me. They elected me and changed my life. Without them, I would never have discovered the Miss France universe. I would certainly be a lawyer [elle a suivi des études de droit] but I would not have lived a quarter of what I lived. They gave me a crown, I went around the world… It’s not sadness, it’s just emotion because it’s a page of my life. I have a lot of gratitude actually. That’s why I also want to continue to invest myself in France”, she confided in the issue of Saturday September 3. I want the French to discover me differently This week, Sylvie Tellier paid a visit to the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Bercy. However, there is no question for the 44-year-old young woman to start a political career. “I have been traveling through France for twenty years without doing politics and I really want to continue”, she said with a smile. From now on, the former Miss France wants to promote French know-how. “I am writing a new card in my professional life”, she expressed. But above all, Sylvie Tellier would like to get rid of the harsh image caused by her role as director of Miss France: “I want the French to discover me differently. I want to show them the real Sylvie. The one that’s inside. I’m pretty crazy, also a little cool. I want to show the French that, behind the institution and the role of the director of Miss France, there is a lighter Sylvie Tellier”, she concluded. In any case, Sylvie Tellier will participate well in the election of Miss France 2023 which will be held on Saturday December 17.