Ortega Cano shocks Ana María Aldón with a tense request live

Controversies of celebrities · José Ortega Cano Ortega Cano has entered by phone in ‘It’s already summer’ and Ana María Aldón has been astonished with the speech that her husband has made, in which there has been a tense request related to the family conflict Ortega Cano has not been able to avoid entering the program ‘It’s already summer’ this afternoon. The bullfighter has entered the program by phone in which his wife Ana María Aldón collaborates. After hearing what the designer has commented on the events that have happened in recent days, he wanted to address his wife directly. A moment in which Ana María’s face has turned into surprise because she did not expect what the bullfighter was going to say. “No one is very bad and no one is very good. We are all what God wants, regular, let’s leave it in the middle. In the middle ground is that we have between family, get along as best as possible. There is no other solution ”, Ortega Cano has begun this speech with which he has somehow appealed to his wife. In addition, Ortega Cano has taken the opportunity to mention family disagreements. The right-hander has commented that “her family or my family. Her family with my daughter, with her daughter as well as hers, that there should be no bad vibes because life is very short and in life everything ends. It is not worth it that in a house like this we are each on one side”. And it has been at that moment when he has commented on something that has left Ana María Aldón in check. Gloria Camila’s father has commented that “if she says that everything is fine, then all this is not so fine when there is no dialogue between her and me. I am already many years old and I have gone through a lot in my life and I would like to be as calm as possible.”Ana María Aldón while she listens to Ortega Cano. Telecinco With an Ana María Aldón with the expression of being astonished, Ortega Cano has continued with his speech making a request. “Now I would like us to become aware, first me and then her, that we drag along a series of small and older children, and that we need good coexistence. We need a verbal dialogue so that there is no future and later… That we be an orderly family, not a messy one like it is right now. I say it for myself too.” According to him, the solution lies in something that he would love, which is “that we all take a turn and without forcing anyone. If my daughter Gloria has a problem with someone, I will try to avoid it in the future. And the same goes for the others. That we all do our part because things are already getting out of hand ”. So far, Ana María Aldón has preferred to remain silent. Ana María Aldón on the set of ‘Ya es Verano’. Telecinco Afterwards, the program went to publicity and on the way back Ana María Aldón wanted to respond. The designer, already calm, has preferred to be cautious and brief and she has commented that “I very much agree with him. There has to be that. We have a son, there has to be communication and there has to be what is not there. At least that the child sees a normality within what is happening that is undeniable and indisputable. But he is right and I agree.”