Verstappen cheered up the home crowd: with his triumph at the Dutch Grand Prix, he came closer to defending his title – Š

Max Verstappen of the Red Bull team celebrates victory at the Dutch Grand Prix Source: TASR/AP/Peter Dejong ZANDVOORT – Dutch racer Max Verstappen of the Red Bull team won the Dutch Grand Prix, the 15th race of the F1 series. Briton George Russell on Mercedes finished in second place, Charles Leclerc on Ferrari finished third. For the 24-year-old Verstappen, it was the fourth victory in a row, the tenth overall of the season and the thirtieth of his career. With it, he increased his lead at the top of the overall standings to 109 points over teammate Sergio Pérez and came closer to defending his title. Seven races remain until the end of the 2022 season. The following are scheduled for Sunday, September 11 in Monza, Italy. Qualifying winner Verstappen kept the first row at the start. The start of the race was without dramatic moments and there were no major contacts. Magnussen did not stay on the track in the 2nd lap, he went out onto the grass and gently rammed into the barrier, but he did not damage his car and continued the race. Verstappen held the first place with a sufficient lead, and the competitors behind him were fighting. In the 15th lap, Sainz, who was driving on the third row, took over, but the mechanics delayed him for more than 12 seconds, and he only returned to the track behind the tenth Bottas. On the 44th lap, Cunoda stopped his single-seater due to a poorly attached tire, he finally got it back on the track, but shortly after visiting the pits, he ended the race due to a problem with the differential. In the 55th lap, the race also ended for Bottas after technical problems, and the virtual safety car offered the opportunity for several competitors to change gears. Verstappen switched, he returned to the track behind the Mercedes of Hamilton and Russell. Verstappen was careful at the restart of the race, in which he went from second position behind Hamilton. However, he lost the speed battle on the straight and subsequently lost his position after the battles with Russell and Leclerc. This order did not change until the end of the race, and Verstappen followed up last year’s victory with a triumph in front of the home crowd. Finally, the winner also received an extra point for the fastest lap. Photo gallery (13) Source: TASR/AP/Peter Dejong voices (source: Sport 2): Max Verstappen, winner: “It wasn’t as clear-cut as it might seem. We handled the virtual and safety car very well. Later I had to switch “hardy” for the softer tyres. I crashed at first, but I had better speed on the track and after the restart I was able to attack Lewis Hamilton and pass him. It was a fantastic weekend and I’m glad we made the home fans happy.” George Russell, 2nd place: “We had great speed today and that will give us confidence going into the next race. It’s nice to see three different brands on the podium.” Charles Leclerc, 3rd place: “Red Bull’s lead is already too big. We’re taking the season race by race and we’ll see how it turns out. It wasn’t possible to do more today. Max went his way and the Mercedes also had an excellent pace. I had to pay attention to the tires so they last.” Dutch Grand Prix (72 laps, 1 lap: 4.259 km, total: 306.6 km): 1. Max Verstappen (Hol./Red Bull), 2. George Russell (V. Brit./Mercedes) +4.071 s, 3. Charles Leclerc (Mon./Ferrari) +10.929, 4. Lewis Hamilton (V. Brit./Mercedes) +13.016, 5. Sergio Pérez (Mex/Red Bull) +18.168, 6. Fernando Alonso (Sp./Alpine) + 18.754, 7. Lando Norris (V. Brit./McLaren) +19.306, 8. Carlos Sainz (Sp./Ferrari) +20.916, 9. Esteban Ocon (Fr./Alpine) +21.117, 10. Lance Stroll (Can. /Aston Martin) +22.459, 11. Pierre Gasly (Fr./AlphaTauri) +27.009, 12. Alexander Albon (Thai./V. Brit./Williams) +30.390, 13. Mick Schumacher (Germany/Haas) +32.995 , 14. Sebastian Vettel (Germany/Aston Martin) +36.007, 15. Kevin Magnussen (Den./Haas) +36.869 16. Kuan-yu Chou (China/Alfa Romeo) +37.320, 17. Daniel Ricciardo (Aus/McLaren ) +37,764, 18. Nicholas Latifi (Kan./Williams). Did not finish: Júki Cunoda (Japan/Alpha Tauri), Valtteri Bottas (Finland/Alfa Romeo) overall standings (15 out of 22 races each): 1. Max Verstappen 310 points, 2. Sergio Pérez 201, 2. Charles Leclerc 201, 4. George Russell 188 5. Carlos Sainz 175, 6. Lewis Hamilton 158, 7. Lando Norris 82, 8. Esteban Ocon 66, 9. Fernando Alonso 59, 10. Valtteri Bottas 46, 11. Kevin Magnussen 22, 12. Sebastian Vettel 20, 13. Daniel Ricciardo 19, 14. Pierre Gasly 18, 15. Mick Schumacher 12, 16. Júki Cunoda 11, 17. Kuan-yu Chou 5, 17. Lance Stroll 5, 19. Alexander Albon 4, 20. Nicholas Latifi 0 Constructors’ Cup: 1. Red Bull 511 points 2. Ferrari 376, 3. Mercedes 346, 4. Alpine 125, 5. McLaren 101, 6. Alfa Romeo 51, 7. Haas 34, 8. AlphaTauri 29, 9. Aston Martin 25, 10. Williams 4 Photo gallery for the article Number of photos: 13 Author: © Zoznam Source: TASR