Refusal to comply in Toulouse: a motorist hits pedestrians, nine injured, three of them in serious condition – CNEWS

Nine people were injured, three of them seriously this Sunday, September 4 in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), after a refusal to comply. The drunk driver refused to submit to a police check before hitting pedestrians. The facts took place around 6:20 a.m. on Sunday morning. While committing several traffic violations, a vehicle caught the attention of law enforcement. When the police were about to check him, the motorist accelerated and fled, according to a source familiar with the matter at CNEWS. The driver then lost control of his vehicle before hitting a parked car and several pedestrians. The accident injured nine people, including the driver, car passengers and pedestrians. All were taken to hospital. Three of them are in serious condition with their vital prognoses engaged. The driver of the vehicle, under the influence of alcohol, was arrested, placed in a drunk tank and then in police custody. In addition, an investigation has been opened to determine the circumstances of the accident.