Europeans 2024: Michel Onfray announces that “Popular Front” will present a sovereignist list – Le Figaro

Guest of Sud Radio, the philosopher explained that it was now necessary “to engage in the field of action”. “Popular Front”, launched in April 2020. The philosopher now wants to go further. Invited on Sud Radio, the philosopher announced that “Popular Front”, which notably brings together the parties “Sovereigns tomorrow!” by Paul Melun or “Sovereign Republic” by Georges Kuzmanovic, will present a list in the European elections. An announcement that comes as “Popular Front” has just organized its summer school. A “launching pad for the next elections”, confirms Michel Onfray, with a view to the European elections but also to the next presidential election. A call to “those who want to defend France” “It’s not a launching pad for me , it is not a personal adventure”, made a point of specifying the author of The Art of being French (Bouquins Éditions), before invoking the “duty towards our readers and sympathizers”. And to add: “We cannot be satisfied with fine, technical, quality analyzes (…) and to be negative”, he argued. “We have some great signings. (…) We have the easy proposal on a lot of subjects: justice, education, international”, he continued, welcoming the “hard core” of gathered thinkers. “We can constitute a kind of political council with all these people who intervened and who still intervene. We have there what to make a government, it is obvious. What form will take, concretely, Popular front? “We are going to be formed, continues the essayist. I don’t know if it’s going to be called a movement, a party… It’s an adventure that is beginning and we intend to federate. Unite those “who did not vote”, first, but also those who did not vote for Emmanuel Macron, those “who do not defend the Maastrichtian world”. A transpartisan movement, then? Michel Onfray, referring to General de Gaulle, appeals to “those who want to defend France”. “They can come from the right, from the left, from nowhere and elsewhere. We just want to bring together people who love France, its genius, its history, what makes its tradition.”