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CHRONICLE | A goal by Iván Gil after 5 minutes of the game gives the three points to the Pyrenean team.

ANDORRA | LIZOAINGRANADA | UZUNI Shots on goal: 2 – 3 Corners: 2 – 3 Fouls: 13 – 13 Yellow cards: 1 – 2 Red cards: 0 – 0 Total passes: 524 – 347 Passes completed: 420 – 252 Attacks: 100 – 99 Dangerous attacks: 42 – 49 Rubio does not connect a center with Ricard. It seems that the rojiblancos try it desperately. FERREIRA’S PARADÓN! End of heart attack in the Andorran National, Ferreira’s brutal save to Iván Gil who penetrated practically alone inside the area, although so forced by the defense that the balance did not accompany him in the action. Even so, the shot that Ferreira stopped in a scare for Andorra was brutal. WE HAVE 6 ADDED! WE WILL LEAVE UNTIL MINUTE 96 OF MEETING! Andorra combines and triangulates the ball in order to withstand the Nasrid team’s offensive, Hevel and Iván Gil seek to break free, good possession by Sarabia’s men.

Exit: Mika Marble

Enter: Alex Pastor

FERREIRA STOPPING! LITTLE PANTHER! Marc Agüado combined with Iván Gil who put a precise cross at the head of Marc Fernández and who ended up saving Ferreira from the bottom of the near post. THE DOOR TEST! The Granada player shoots from the right flank, who begins to lock up Andorra. Granada is looking for a scoring opportunity, a great move by the Nasrid team that Uzuni failed to hit. Andorra remains faithful to Sarabia’s philosophy, it looks comfortable with the ball although Aitor Karanka’s team is now much more closed in defense looking for an opportunity to win the rival’s back. ANDORRA | LIZOAIN GRANADA | UZUNI

Ball possession: 60% – 40%

Spikes: 1 – 8

Shots on goal: 1 – 1

Corners: 0 – 0

Fouls: 4 – 8

Yellow cards: 0 – 1

Red cards: 0 – 0

Total passes: 285 – 179

Passes completed: 237- 135

Attacks: 51 – 45

Dangerous Attacks: 21 – 22

Andorra controls possession, the rojiblanco team does not seem to want to get complicated, it seems that little meat is left on the grill. CHANGE IN THE RANKS OF ANDORRA! Exit: SERGIO MOLINAEnter: JANDRO He leaves by his own foot, but it seems that Sergio Molina is not going to return to the match. Jandro prepares to complete the 11 of the Andorran team. WHAT A HIT! Ball to the face of Sergio Molina, Andorra’s number 14 hurts on the ground and the medical services assist him on the field of play. The game is stopped for now. LIZOAIN AGAIN! Incredible departure from the Andorra goalkeeper. The tricolor team begins to suffer in defense with the actions commanded by Ricard, Uzuni and Callejón. Great run down the right wing by Valera who clashed with Ignasi Miquel, the Andorra winger fell after struggling inside the area. González Francés did not see anything FOLLOW! VERY UP THE ALLEY SHOT! Great control of the winger from Granada who turned around his pair very well. Still he couldn’t get a door. José Callejón is hurt by a tremendous blow, the veteran lies on the ground after an action that González Francés interpreted with the law of advantage. He launched the uncheck Uzuni that did not finish connecting with Callejón. Lizoain catches the ball, who is very confident under the sticks. YELLOW CARD FOR JOSÉ CALLEJÓN! The Granada striker made an effort to put pressure on but he arrived too late and finished off Sergio Molina with a stomp. The decision is clear. Ricard and Puertas do not understand each other. Ball that ends up in the bottom line and it will be Lizoain who puts the ball into play again. Great arrival of Granada on the right side that was becoming more intense, a good move that did not end in anything. He hits him with his right hand crossed and the shot goes wide. Andorra tries to give the game a sleeping pill, seeking to control the game with a great touch combination. Granada is not comfortable defending in its area. The Andorran team likes Iván Gil’s wing, a good long pass from Lizoain who is looking for the scorer of the match. Great filtered pass for Iván Gil who was left alone in front of Lizoaín and defined a beautiful Vaseline. Andorra is strong in this first phase of the match.

ANDORRA 1-0 GRANADA ANDORRA 1-0 GRANADA The game begins at the Nacional d’Andorra!

Field raffle and… LET’S START! Granada, under the orders of Aitor Karanka, has been since June without conceding a goal. The Nasrid team has been involved in its defensive facet, a fact that has led it to not only be the team with the fewest goals in the competition, but also maintain first place in the table. BENCH | Raúl (Ps), A. López (Ps), Cabaco, V. Díaz, Meseguer, J. Molina, Pepe, A. Perea, Petrovic, Rochina, J. Silva and Zaragoza BENCH | Vidal Girona(Ps), Albanis, Bover, Casadesús, Hevel, Jandro, C.Martínez, Moha, Pastor, Petxarroman, Rodriganez and Vila García. LET’S GO WITH THE ALIGNMENTS OF BOTH SETS! Andorra currently competes in LaLiga SmartBank, and is the first Andorran club to play in this division On the other hand, Granada, having been relegated this year, have never met before, so it is the first time that both teams have met in the history. Andorra has managed to get new faces for this season, especially in the last phase of the market. On the last day the Andorran club took over the services of: Christos Albanis, Sinan Bakis and Mustapha Bundu. On the other hand, Granada also acquired for the rojiblanco club the Cádiz midfielder, Alberto Perea, who surely brings experience and hierarchy in the midfield. Andorra and Granada play today their match corresponding to Matchday 4 of LaLiga Smartbank and they do it at the Estadi Nacional d’Andorra, which will witness a spectacular atmosphere, in this exciting match with the smell of 1st division. Andorra, currently ranked seventeenth with 3 points out of a possible 9, will try to win in front of their fans and make things very difficult for a direct rival in the fight for promotion. For its part, Granada is in first place with 9 points. After having a bad campaign last season, the group led by Aitor Karanka has started like a shot. Without a doubt, they have presented their candidacy to be fighting for promotion positions. Game that we have ahead. Duel for privilege places in LaLiga Smartbank!