FC Nantes – Mercato: a joker on the approach after the hiccup against PSG? – Aim! soccer club

Zapping Goal! Football Club FC Nantes – GOAL INFO! : Marcelo Bielsa (Leeds) does not let go of Moses SimonAlready unbalanced due to the financial doping operated by Qatar, the match between FC Nantes and PSG changed yesterday in the 24th minute after the expulsion of Fabio. The Brazilian missed his intervention on Vitinha, whom he also injured. This badly executed gesture reminds us that the Canaries do not have a right side of the level of Quentin Merlin on the left while they have four players for the position (Appiah, Coco, Corchia and Fabio). For insider Emmanuel Merceron, this would be an opportunity to relaunch the track Fabien Centonze, right side of Metz with whom the Yellow House was in contact during the transfer window. He certainly could not play the Europa League since the clubs must communicate their squad to UEFA this Sunday, but he could still be of great service to the Canaries in the league. In recent weeks, they had tried their luck with a loan with an option to buy but the Lorraine club wanted compensation. #FCNantes does not want to take Centonze as a joker because he is no longer registerable in the Europa League, but there is also an L1 season to ensure, no? https://t.co/Y3PDnynMIw pic.twitter.com/IEkRZc44UP— Emmanuel Merceron 🇫🇷🚴🏻‍♂️⚽️ (@ManuMerceron) September 4, 2022To sum upFabio’s expulsion last night against PSG (0-3) has recalled that FC Nantes had a big deficiency in the position of right side although it has four players capable of evolving there. Hence the possibility of relaunching the Messin Fabien Centonze.