Despite a blunder from Jardim, Lille revives – Debrief and NOTES of the players (MHSC 1-3 Lille) – Maxifoot

After their defeat against Nice, Lille reacted well by winning a logical success on the lawn of Montpellier (3-1) this Sunday during the 6th day of Ligue 1. Led to the score, LOSC took advantage of their technical and numerical superiority to overthrow his opponent. Bamba, David and Gomes were decisive for LOSC End of series for Montpellier. After two successes in a row, the Hérault club fell at home to Lille (1-3), this Sunday, during the 6th day of Ligue 1. A logical defeat for an MHSC team totally dominated and reduced to ten before the break. Sixth provisional ranking with 9 points, Montpellier is overtaken by LOSC, 5th (10 points), which is recovering after its defeat against Nice (1-2) in the middle of the week. At the start, the Montpellierians experienced a very complicated start to the first period. Unable to get the ball out of their own half of the field, Olivier Dall’Oglio’s men were under attack from the opposition and it took a good intervention from Sakho in front of his goal then a saving post to prevent David and Ismaily from opening the scoring to an ultra-dominant LOSC during the first quarter of an hour. But Lille decided to give their opponent a boost. And after a bad back pass from Fonte which gave Wahi a huge goal opportunity, it was Lille goalkeeper Jardim who completely missed out on a long ball from Ferri, leaving the same Wahi the opportunity to lob Fonte to score in the empty goal (1-0, 20th). The Mastiffs reacted well afterwards. And if Carvalho repelled two shots from Gomes, the Montpellier goalkeeper had to bow on David’s equalizer (1-1, 41st). A fair reward for LOSC but a blow for Montpellier, who found themselves reduced to ten after Germain’s expulsion for a clumsy but dangerous foul on Ounas. And Montpellier did not resist for long. On a new strike from Gomes, the third of the game, Carvalho could only see the damage (1-2, 57th). Behind, Montpellier never found the resources to reverse the situation against a northern team which mastered the debates and killed the suspense at the end of the match on a double from David (1-3, 90th + 5). A logical success for the Mastiffs. Score for the match: 6/10 If Montpellier’s opener against the run of play offered suspense, this game was totally dominated by Lille. There was only one team on the field and we never had the feeling that the MHSC had the weapons to come back. The goals: – On a long ball from Ferri, Jardim badly anticipates the rebound on his out of the box. Wahi took advantage and lobbed Fonte with his right foot to score in the empty goal (1-0, 20′). 41′).- Offset in the middle, Angel Gomes lands a shot that goes between Sakho’s legs and lodges in the side netting (1-2, 57′).- Found by Bamba in the area on the left side, David passes behind Sacko and scores with a cross shot from the left (1-3, 90th + 5). Player NOTES Maxifoot has assigned a note (out of 10) comments on each player. The man of the match: Jonathan David (8 /10) Scored twice, the Lille striker played a decisive role in the success of his Montpellier team. Solid on his support and inspired in his calls, the Lille striker was a constant poison for the opposing defenders. He took advantage of a fine pass from Cabella in the area to equalize from the right at the end of the first period, then he inherited an offering from Bamba to offer himself a double from the left in added time. His 3rd and 4th goals in L1 this season. MONTPELLIER: Mathis Carvalho (4): vigilant on two shots from Gomes, the Montpellier goalkeeper is beaten on the third attempt of the Lille midfielder which gives the advantage to LOSC. He must also bow twice to David’s cross shots. Nicolas Cozza (4): the left side did not show great solidity behind. Offensively, he did not show much. Maxime Esteve (3): a game to forget for the central defender. Preceded by David on the Lille equalizer, he is still too tender against the Canadian international on the third goal of LOSC at the end of the game. Mamadou Sakho (5): the central defender is decisive at the start of the match by repelling a shot from David in front of his goal. He was less successful then on Gomes’ shot which passed between his legs before ending up in the back of the net. Replaced in the 74th by Arnaud Souquet (not noted). Falaye Sacko (4): alone against two opponents, the Montpellier right-back had a complicated start to the match. Behind, he was more solid and won many duels. But David passes behind his back on Lille’s third goal. Jordan Ferri (4): his pass on the first goal of the game saves his performance a little. In the game, he was dominated in almost all his duels and he lacked accuracy in his transmissions. Replaced the 74th by Khalil Fayad (not not). Joris Chotard (3): Dominant in the midfield, the midfielder struggled to exist in this part. To make matters worse, he lost the ball on Lille’s second goal. Replaced in the 83rd by Bni Makouana (not rated). Leo Leroy (4): like Ferri and Chotard, the midfielder weighed little in the game. On the other hand, he was a little more present defensively. Replaced in the 59th by Enzo Tchato (not noted). Arnaud Nordin (5): the Montpellier striker took advantage of his rare balls to try to make a difference. His races and his percussion posed some problems for Lille. Replaced the 59th by Faitout Maouassa (not rated). Valre Germain (3): the MHSC striker had a bad afternoon. Sevr balloons, the former Marseillais did not have opportunities to get their teeth into. And he leaves his partners ten after a red card received for a clumsy foul on Ounas. Sepe Elye Wahi (6): the best Montpellier striker. If he loses his first duel against Jardim, he then pushes the Lille goalkeeper to open the scoring. Behind, his calls and his ball shots hampered the Lille defenders. LILLE: Lo Jardim (3): the Lille goalkeeper went from hero to zero in six minutes. After a good stop in front of Wahi on a missed back pass from Fonte, the Brazilian misjudges a long ball and completely misses his exit in front of the Montpellier striker on the opener. Fortunately for him, this ball will remain without consequence on the final score. Bafod Diakit (5): not really worried by the Montpellier on his side, the right side of Lille did not really take advantage of it to offer solutions to his attacking partners. Jos Fonte (4): the Lille captain did not reassure behind, the image of his bad back pass which offers a huge opportunity Wahi. Behind, he is surprised by the error of his goalkeeper and is lobbed by the Montpellier striker on the opener. Fortunately for LOSC, the Portuguese recovered afterwards.Tiago Djal (7): precious for his speed, the central defender from Lille made several important interventions, like the ball clearing in front of his line after a stoppage by Jardim in front of Wow. He could have scored the first goal of the match, but his header from a corner found the crossbar. He places a new dangerous head in the second period. Ismaily (6): stirring in his left lane, the side has constantly proposed solutions and hampered the Montpellier defense. In the first period, his shot finds the post of Carvalho.Benjamin Andr (7): a strong match. With his tackles and his numerous duels won, the Lille midfielder was once again invaluable for his team in this meeting. Angel Gomes (7): excellent since his replacement in midfield at the start of the season, the Englishman has again shone in the midfield. His projections and his nerve have done LOSC a world of good. After two shots deflected by the Montpellier goalkeeper, he finally finds the net on his third attempt. Edon Zhegrova (not rated): generous but messy in the truth zone, the Lille winger made differences on his side without be decisive. He must leave after half an hour of play for a muscle injury to the thigh. Replaced the 35th by Adam Ounas (6), who was making his debut in the jersey of LOSC. Impactful and inspired in his dribbling, the former Niois achieved an interesting performance.Rmy Cabella (8): well placed between the lines, the LOSC playmaker considerably hampered his former team. He is rewarded for his good performance by providing two decisive assists David and Gomes. Replaced in the 59th by Andr Gomes (not rated). Jonathan Bamba (6): LOSC offensive player the least visible during the game, the Lille winger still played with accuracy, often making the right choices. He delivers a decisive pass to David at the end of the match.Jonathan David (8): read the comment above.+ Find the results and the Ligue 1 standings on Maxifoot MONTPELLIER 1-3 LILLE (mid-time: 1-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 6th day
Stadium: Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier – Referee: Jrme Brisard, FranceGoals: for MONTPELLIER – J. David (41st) A. Gomes (57th) J. David (90+5th) for LILLE
Warnings: V. Germain (45+2nd), for MONTPELLIER – Tiago Djal (16th), A. Ounas (80th), Andr Gomes (86th), J. David (90th), for LILLEMONTPELLIER: Mathis Carvalho – M. Esteve, M. Sakho (B. Makouana, 75th) – F. Sacko, N. Cozza – J. Chotard, J. Ferri (A. Souquet, 75th), L. Leroy (E. Tchato, 58th) – A. Nordin (F Maouassa, 59th), V. Germain – S. WahiLILLE: Lo Jardim – Jos Fonte, Tiago Djal – B. Diakit, Ismaily – B. Andr, A. Gomes – R. Cabella (Andr Gomes, 59th) – E. Zhegrova (A. Ounas, 36th), J. Bamba – J. David
And for you, who were the best and worst players of the match? Comment in the “comments” box below! Wahi gave Montpellier the advantage (1-0, 20th) David Galise for Lille (1-1, 41st) LOSC go ahead thanks to Gomes (1-2, 57th) David thanks his passer Bamba on Lille’s 3rd goal (1-3, 90th + 5)