Live, the race – GP Netherlands F1 2022 Most Reliable Car Brands

Zandvoort is one of the most recognizable venues in classic Formula 1, even if its place in modern Formula 1 is relatively new. Located almost on the seashore and in the middle of a natural dune, this circuit hosted the Dutch Grand Prix for more than three decades in a wider and faster version of the current layout, until its final departure after the 1985 edition. Upon his return in 2021, postponed a year due to pandemic issues, the circuit had changed a lot, using the version truncated by a golf course from the 90s, but with dramatic cambers that give it a plus of character. Overtaking on this track is still a proposition only within the reach of the most daring or with better machinery, but any slight mistake can be penalized in damage or abandonment, something that all drivers are fully aware of. The strategy, key in the face of the difficulty of overtakingWho does not think about it at all is Max Verstappen, who seeks to repeat his dominant performance of 2021 and win from pole position, which he snatched from Ferrari and Mercedes yesterday when it seemed that in this occasion could be missing something else. The Dutchman, unstoppable in the conquest of his more than probable second world championship, will have to defend himself at the start from the pressure of the Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. With the discussion that Ferrari’s strategic ability has been this season, the The ability of the Scuderia drivers to try to ‘envelop’ Verstappen will be key to maximizing his chances of returning to the top of the podium. This is magnified by the fact that Sergio PĂ©rez could only qualify fifth after his late mistake in Q3, forcing him to fend off George Russell and attempt to account for Lewis Hamilton before he could assist his teammate. Alonso is looking for tenth …race in the pointsIn the fight to be ‘the best of the rest’, Lando Norris has all the numbers on this occasion, with drivers like Mick Schumacher, Yuki Tsunoda and Lance Stroll immediately behind him, without as many competitive guarantees for machinery or par excellence behind the wheel. Go a little further down the road to find Fernando Alonso, whose qualifying didn’t work out at all as he intended, and who will have to move up from 13th to try and score points for the tenth race in a row. The ardent Dutch crowd, sometimes too ardent as they could see from the double launch of flares in the qualifying session, it brings a great atmosphere to a career that seeks to settle in the future, but that clearly drinks from the wave of global popularity of Verstappen. It’s his career and his event, and getting here his tenth victory of the season in just 15 events played seems almost a national obligation.