Toulouse: nine pedestrians mowed down by a fleeing driver, three are in serious condition

the essentials Big rescue intervention this Sunday morning September 4 in Toulouse where a fleeing motorist mowed down several pedestrians. Three of them, taken care of by the Smur 31 and the firefighters, were hospitalized in serious condition. Terrible accident this Sunday morning in the north of Toulouse, avenue de Fronton. A motorist who was driving fast and had just committed several traffic violations could not avoid pedestrians, a group of five friends who were returning home after a night of partying. The toll is very heavy: four pedestrians were injured, three of them seriously, “in absolute emergency” according to the first assessments underline the firefighters. Four people in the car were also injured. Firefighters were alerted at 6:22 a.m. and hired six ambulances and twenty-five firefighters. Two teams from Smur 31 joined the system to take care of the injured. Three pedestrians, medicalized on site by doctors and nurses from Samu 31, were evacuated to the emergency room of the Purpan hospital to be received in the shock treatment room. The first assessments considered these victims as seriously injured with a vital prognosis. Four other injured, the driver and his passengers, suffering from lighter injuries, were also transported to various healthcare establishments in Toulouse (L’Union clinics, Ambroise-ParĂ© and Jospeh Ducoing hospital) by the firefighters to receive treatment and pass check-ups. A ninth person received treatment at the scene. An investigation has been opened by the police to understand the circumstances of this tragedy. The driver who before the accidents refused to stop as demanded by the police was arrested and placed in police custody. He will be auditioning today. Experts are in progress to determine if this individual was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.