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Why should you have such a device? I will give you details of day-to-day use and convince you to buy one. 09/04/2022 10:01Many of us have experienced the transition from a few megabyte hard drives to the new M.2-type SSD storage units with breakneck speeds, up to 7,000 Mbps. Today I want you to, if not you have, make a minimum economic effort and get an external SSD drive to use on a day-to-day basis, it will come in handy. I’ll tell you why you should. SSDs are storage drives built into laptops, some tablets, and desktop computers. Some are faster than others, as was the case with 5400 and 7200 rpm HDDs (and others that we haven’t gotten to test). But at the user level there are several functions that would come in handy, both for work, study and leisure. The change from HDDs to SSDs has been one of the biggest revolutions in modern computing, whatever they say. Kingston A400 (240 GB) An SSD will do you good, in any format, but external SSDs are the biggest revolution of the current computing era An SSD drive has great uses, it’s okay if it only serves to store content, but if you think about it, it can be useful on many occasions. Here I will explain what uses you can give it and what you need for it. There are two ways to get an external SSD, one of them, and the one I recommend the most, is to buy the components separately; or otherwise you can go to the simplest format, buying a unit already assembled, which sometimes is not recommended at all. Portability: being a device of small size and ultra light weight, you can take it wherever you want to move your data from one place to another without problems. You will only need a cable to connect it to the receiving source, be it a TV, a mobile phone or a computer. For students and teachers: it is a very portable memory unit, and as such we can take our work (or part of it) to house of classmates, to class and to be able to use them in class projections or to contribute data that we have collected on a subject. For the office: some people who work in offices usually have a pen drive to store data from their daily work that they then take home to telework some other day at home. For our leisure: every day there are more televisions with a USB port on the back. This does not facilitate the task of being able to use an external SSD to connect it with content such as music, series, movies or photos of our vacations and project them on the full screen. We know that you are not into using torrents or eMule anymore, but who knows. Other televisions have the possibility of recording the content broadcast on TV in an external memory, this SSD can be your place to store everything. And not just TVs anymore, you can connect an external SSD to a Blu-ray player, an Android TV Box or a projector that supports it. Multiple disks within the same disk: You can also partition the SSD by creating several partitions dedicated to each of the uses. For example, if you usually use it to connect to the TV and to work in Windows, make a partition with your private content and another with work. Or if you use macOS you will need to create a special partition to be able to read the data from the Apple system. What do I need to have to use an SSD in a portable way? either in 2.5-inch format or M.2 type. There are two types, depending on the data you need to enter and the speed of the device you are going to connect it to, you should buy one or the other. Those of size 2.5 “usually reach speeds of up to 600 Mbps and those of type M.2 usually go in a range between 500 and 7,000 Mbps. For example, the USB-C memory and connectors of a MacBook can read and manage those high speeds, but a USB 3.0 will not be able to reach the maximum.Once you buy one of the two SSDs, you should look for an enclosure that makes it external.I have a favorite for the M.2 type, and it really deserves the worth the expense. For the 2.5 “it is easier to find a case that works perfectly and does not fail at any time. Case for SSD 2.5 “(UGREEN) Case for SSD type M.2 (ASUS) The Samsung has the most recommended M.2 type SSDs in its catalogue.The SSD 970 EVO is one of the most balanced in terms of speed, efficiency and price that exist.In any case, SanDisk, Kingston, Crucial or WD have great alternatives in their catalogs.Apple and Dell, in their respective leading laptops, it is well known that they usually mount the best SSD of type M.2 on the market, with ultra-fast speeds typically around 3,500-4,000 Mbps read and write. The rest of the manufacturers usually pull SSDs with a maximum of 1,000 Mbps. Samsung SSD 970 EVO type M.2 (500 GB) For a 2.5″ SSD, any Crucial or Kingston will work for you, although Samsung also has great However, the Korean ones have higher prices than the other two firms in this size.Kingston A400 2.5” SSD (480 GB)You can also buy an enclosure with integrated SSDIntegrated SSDs in enclosures are usually faster , but you will not be able to upgrade it in the future I do not usually recommend this because the vast majority of manufacturers usually sell an integrated SSD in an indivisible case. That is, you will not be able in the future, due to the needs of life, to expand the memory by replacing the original SSD with a larger one. There are exceptions, as in everything, but the most frequent thing is to find an external SSD with a case that cannot be removed or that, if it can be removed, the case will be practically unusable. Whatever it is, you will be making a great purchase that will last you years and that will give you joy. For about 100-200 euros, depending on the chosen capacity, you can have memory for a while. And if you are one of those who has not yet taken the step to the speed of SSDs, I do not know what you are waiting for, it is another world, a revolution, something that you must try right now. This article objectively and independently suggests products and services that may be of interest to readers. When the user makes a purchase through the specific links that appear in this news, Andro4all receives a commission. Join the Andro4all bargain channel to find out about the best deals before anyone else.