Rytmus admitted MENTAL PROBLEMS: He suffered from anxiety… THIS caused them! – Topky.sk

Nowadays, more and more people are admitting to mental problems. It is no longer a taboo, and recently the former farmer Lula Gachulincová, now Almaksus, began to publicly express herself on this topic.

Even if on the outside people pretend that everything is fine with them, it may not really be the case. The well-known rapper also knows his own story, who in a recent interview for The Mag confided that he too went through a difficult psychological period. He experienced this period of anxiety in 2021, when he had a spectacular boxing match with Gábor Boráros, from which he left as a loser. However, it was not his only match. In 2018, he met rapper Marp in the ring. “We respect each other as colleagues, we had a fight together, I think that brought us together a little bit,” he said to Marpa. Photo gallery (3) Source: Instagram PV Today, however, he openly admitted that the main preparation was like a trial by fire for him and he went through extreme anxiety. “It’s that you’re unmatchable,” he assessed. Of course, it is different to wrestle in training than in front of the audience, which is why Rytmus was uneasy. He didn’t even sleep the night before D-day. “The night before, when you’re not fit, so it’s like you don’t care about everything in my opinion.” Before the match itself, he felt that he was prepared enough, but as soon as he heard that they were going to do it, he was stressed and anxious. “Gábor is Gábor, we won’t caress there,” he realized at that moment. However, in the end he overcame everything and successfully entered the ring with the words: “You’ve trained, you’re ready, you’re resilient, you know how to deliver…” This is how he encouraged himself, and when he heard the gong, all the burden fell off him. Photo gallery (3) Source: XFN