OL: only one small hiccup against Angers, Bosz excuses it immediately – Goal! soccer club

Zapping Goal! Football Club OL – Lomami, El Arouch, Barcola… Which nugget will have a chance at OL this season? After five days in Ligue 1, OL are potentially leaders of L1. If he wins his late match at Lorient on Wednesday, he will come back up to PSG and OM, even passing the Phocaeans thanks to his goal difference. After his card against Angers (5-0) last night, all the lights are green. Or almost. Indeed, the performance of Malo Gusto, decisive passer on the second goal of his team, left something to be desired at the defensive level, he who could have been expelled while his team was in full swing. The team pointed out this concern, which is not necessarily one for its coach, Peter Bosz … “All things considered, the problem is the same with Malo Gusto as with Trent Alexander-Arnold in Liverpool. Yesterday the young Lyonnais made two assists, or one and a half, the second having been deflected, but he struggled defensively, and in a one-sided game he should have avoided finding himself in a position to be excluded for a second yellow, which he would have deserved (67th), at 4-0. “When you are 19, you can not manage it properly”, attenuates Peter Bosz. He is right, but Gusto has progressed so quickly, for a year, that it would be a shame if he couldn’t defend better than Alexander-Arnold.” To sum up OL’s evening was almost perfect against Angers (5-0) last night. The only downside was the contrasting performance of Malo Gusto. That Peter Bosz easily excused because his defender is young but, above all, he was still decisive.