Suicide of the presenter (†27) shortly before the wedding: The reason for her action is known… She found someone else’s panties at home! –

The death of the beautiful and always smiling blonde affected many. And I guess everyone asked themselves a question in connection with it – Why?. Neena Pacholke was supposed to get married. However, instead of wedding preparations, she dealt with completely different matters. As the Daily Mail found out, she and her fiance Kyle Haase were definitely not living an idyllic life. Their two-year relationship was said to be full of arguments, due to the fact that he overdid it with booze and they also dealt with several love affairs. Friends of the beautiful presenter agreed that it was she who put more effort into making everything work. “It looked like Neena loved him more than he loved her,” said one of the friends. The couple bought a new house together, where Neena later committed suicide. As it turned out, Kyle called off the wedding seven weeks before their big day. The blonde revealed to a friend that she found someone else’s panties at home. Neena also suspected her fiance that he got together with his ex-partner. One of the couple’s friends revealed that Kyle had recently been showing his friend nude photos that his ex-lover had sent him. “Look at those breasts and ass. I wish Neena had a body like this,” he said. The Daily Mail tried to contact the presenter’s fiancé. However, he did not respond to phone calls or messages. Photo gallery (2) The relationship between the presenter and her fiance was not idyllic at all. On the contrary.
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