Samu Saiz saves a penalty point in Son Moix (1-1) – El Periódico

Not even the great skill of Riquelme has been able to with the solidity of Mallorca. The only way to beat Rajkovic has been from eleven meters. Girona tied this afternoon at Son Moix in an even duel that had to be 0-0 and ended with goals from Raíllo and Samu Saiz in a crazy ending (1-1). The duel will not go down in history despite being the first to face both teams in the First Division. But he will be remembered by players like Romeu, Toni Villa and Manu Vallejo for his debut with the red and white shirt; o Arnau and Reinier, making their debut as starters with the team. Changes in the Míchel line-up The Vallecas coach has once again shaken up the eleven, introducing up to four changes. Arnau has returned to the right lane and has made his debut this season in the same way as Reinier. It is also the case of Romeu, who has become an important piece in the midfield from the beginning. Riquelme has also been one of the novelties after recovering from the shoulder injury. David López has been relocated to the center of the defense and Taty Castellanos has become the sole reference following Stuani’s withdrawal. ➕1️⃣💪— Girona FC (@GironaFC) September 3, 2022 Girona have pressed well up front, controlling the game against a Mallorca desperate for not finding the rhythm. A shot from Riquelme hit the post after taking the rejection of the local defense to a centered Aleix from a corner. For their part, Aguirre’s men made the first warning with a shot from Muriqi over the crossbar. Riquelme has replied. And Juan Carlos saved the people from Girona by sending Jaume Costa’s ill-intentioned shot to a corner. The scare came when Díaz de Mera signaled a penalty in the Girona area, warning Juan Carlos with a yellow card, but finally the referee rectified with the VAR notice, since the goalkeeper had taken the ball with his fist inside the small area to avoid danger. Related news With everything, Girona has been deflating. Riquelme was able to open the can in the second half, but Rajkovic prevented it by sending it over the crossbar. However, it was Mallorca who squeezed Míchel’s men and put obstacles in the game. The coach, who did not like the game his team was playing, has sent Reinier out for Toni Villa. In addition, he has taken advantage of the break so that Manu Vallejo and Samu Saiz came on for Taty Castellanos and Riquelme. Juan Carlos intervened to stop a Grenier shot in two stages. And Arnau almost decided the match after receiving a pass from Samu Saiz. The shot of the lane, but, has gone outside. He has not forgiven, however, Raíllo advancing to Mallorca when there were a few minutes left for the match to end. Girona, however, still had something to say and Samu Saiz carried the full weight of the team to equalize with a penalty. Mallorca 1 – Girona 1 MALLORCA: Rajkovic, Maffeo, Valjent, Raíllo, Copete, Jaume Costa, Lee Kang In, Sánchez (Grenier, min. 60), Battaglia, Dani Rodríguez (Abdón, min. 73) and Muriqi.GIRONA: Juan Carlos, Arnau, Santi Bueno, David López (Javi Hernández, min. 93), Juanpe, Miguel (Bernardo, min. 93), Romeu, Aleix Garcia, Reinier (Toni Villa, min. 65), Riquelme (Samu Saiz, min. 79) and Taty Castellanos (Manu Vallejo, min. 78).GOALS: 1-0, min. 87: rail; 1-1 min. 91: Samu Saiz from a penalty. REFEREE: Díaz de Mera. Battaglia, Muriqi, Sánchez, Copete (Mallorca) have been cautioned; Taty Castellanos, Romeu (Girona). STADIUM: 13,390 spectators at Visit Mallorca.