A well-known Slovak woman is DIVORCEING: After 10 years, her marriage collapsed! – SlovakWoman.sk

The charismatic blonde shocked fans when she announced that she was divorcing after 10 years and was no longer in a relationship with her husband. However, the couple is parting for good. The Slovak skier surprised the public when she revealed that she is in divorce proceedings. Veronika Velez-Zuzulova’s relationship with her French partner, with whom she has a 3-year-old boy, did not work out. “It was an amazing adventure. It will be different again, with what life has given us the most important. Jules forever,” the former representative wrote to the family photo. “Yes, I can confirm that I am getting a divorce. It’s still in the process and together with Romain we are trying to make it go smoothly. And above all, so that our son Jules does not suffer,” the sportswoman confirmed the information for the portal čas.sk. However, Veronika does not plan to move to Slovakia and continues to live in France, where she and her ex-boyfriend will take turns taking care of their common child. Source/Photo: cas.sk, Facebook/Inkognito, Instagram/veronikavelezzulova