Perfectly SECRET pregnancy: Actress Zuzana Haas gave birth! –

Just as Zuzana Haas managed to hide her wedding at the beginning of the year, she also managed to hide her pregnancy from the world for 9 months. Only when the actress gave birth, her husband Viliam Schowanetz boasted the beautiful news to the public. A little girl was born to the couple these days, whom the happy parents named Marína. “1+1=3,” the proud father wrote on the photo of the child’s hand and continued. “Yes, love can do the impossible… Miracles are for those who do not doubt. And we already have a proof, a miracle that fills us with more and more joy and wonder. She is a warrior princess, our Marina,” added the violin virtuoso. But he also addressed his confession to his wife. “Thank you, Zuzanka, for your love and bravery. I admire and bow before you. I love you. I actually love you, my baby.” Zuzana Haasová has a 17-year-old daughter, Romanka, from her first marriage with Roman Féder, and she longed for a second child for a long time, but fate dealt her a hard blow twice. In 2013, the actress lost her daughter Karolínka, who was born prematurely, and in 2016 she miscarried her son. We congratulate the parents and wish the mother and the little girl good health!