A chain carousel broke off at the festivities in Havířov. They report 14 injured, mainly children | TVNOVINY.sk – TVNOVINY.sk

Updated 7:00 p.m. 9/3/2022, 5:13 p.m. Misfortune at the Havířov festival in the neighboring Czech Republic. On Saturday afternoon, the seats on the “extreme” chain carousel were torn off. According to information from the website TN.cz, 14 people were injured in the accident, most of them children. All emergency services intervened on the spot, several injured were treated by firefighters. According to the police spokesman, 14 people have been treated so far, most of them with minor to moderate injuries. Two people were seriously injured, but their lives are out of danger. pic.twitter.com/Um196b7jd5 — Dane_heinich (@dan90102) September 3, 2022 “It was spinning faster than it should have. Suddenly, the carousel crashed into the ticket booth at full speed. That’s how about four seats crashed there. Subsequently, everyone ran there and stopped it,” eyewitness Adam Bakys described the event. According to the Novinky.cz server, the upper part of the structure with the seats broke off from the carousel during the ride. It was probably a more extreme version of the chain carousel, on which the structure rose to a height of approximately 15 meters. Police further said that people were injured while the attraction was on the ground and continued to spin. “They were injured by the railing they were bumping into. We are finding out what exactly happened,” Novinky.cz quotes the spokesman of the Moravian-Silesian police, René Černohorský. According to the spokesman for the rescuers, Lukáš Humpl, five crews of the medical rescue service are on the scene. pic.twitter.com/pNeG4JjjPc — ČT24 (@CT24zive) September 3, 2022 “It will be investigated how the event happened, who is the owner and operator, whether they have the necessary permits, who was on site at the time of the accident and operating the carousel and will check also the technical condition of the attraction and the overall installation,” said Černohorský to the ČT24 portal. The spokesman added that there were allegedly problems with the attraction already on Friday. “People allegedly also wanted to return the entrance fee. We still have to find out what exactly it was about,” Černohorský told TN.cz, adding that the police are also appealing to witnesses who filmed the ride of the carousel to provide their video footage, or if they were on the carousel themselves during the past two days, to reported on line 158. The mayor of Havířov, Josef Bělica, prematurely ended the program of festivities there after the accident. Residents will not wait for the scheduled concerts of Kabát or Lucie Bílej. According to the spokeswoman of the city, the accident happened when the Desmod band finished playing.