Lithuania – France LIVE: The Blues fight back and almost pick up (we breathe a little) … Follow the … – 20 Minutes

12th: But ouiiiiiiiiiii Poirier who perfectly shifts Fournier in the corner and BAM BAM BAM, string! 28-28 11th: Go gas, we leave as we finished and we avoid going through this start of the second quarter. 10th: Luwawu-Cabarrot and Okobo also go there with their little basket, 25-23, we’re there ààààààà papa! 9th: WE DON’T ARREST THEM ANYMORE!!! La Fournance’s little layup with the board to bring the Blues to 5 points. 24-19 Lithuania 8th: Go there! Fall’s big right-hand dunk chained by an award-winning shot from Fournier, here are 5 puntos that are good for children. 22-15 7th: The entry of Fall and Poirier does us good all the same I must say, 21-12 Lithuania despite everything. 7th: Enough to say that and behind, bim, +3 clean and clear, without the slightest French challenge, that goes without saying. 7th: It feels good to see them finally miss a three-pointer. 6th: We have less address than a homeless person, it’s exceptional. 6th: First time out of the match, 18-6 for the band in Sabonis. 5th: We are nicely getting sauced, 15-6. Fournier tries to stop the bleeding at 3 points but it’s still a miss, caramba! 4th: While opposite it snipes everywhere, 5/5 for the Lithuanians since the start of the match. 4th: Heurtel still far too short, 0/2 for the leader of Real, we are Tintin! 3rd: Good ok, the guys are warm and skilful, 9-4 Lithuania and Heurtel who fails at three points in stride. 2nd: Well done Fournier who crashes straight out of the screen, we are reassured right away because the Lithuanians were leading 4-0. 1st: The two Gobert-Valanciunas laps to fight for the first ball, and it is the Lithuanian who wins this duel. 5:45 p.m .: Come on, it’s time to find out if the Blues have any in the belly after the non-match against the Germans. 5:43 p.m .: (Not) thank you to the FFB who did not bother to put the 5 major of the Blues on Twitter. I therefore announce that Teddy Tarpey and Thomas Heurtel replace Andrew Albicy and Elie Okobo. 5:40 p.m.: The hymns have been sung and I take this opportunity to share with you the end of that of the Lithuanians, which I like very much: “You have lived too long in peace […] But my blood will be reborn […] Even if we are only three million […] Legends we will become. 5:35 p.m .: There are officially 2,000 Lithuanian supporters in the stands, in reality they are at least double. It will make noise this afternoon, I hope our Blues are ready. 5:30 p.m.: Salute la mif! I hope you are having a good Saturday and that it will continue with a victory for Les Bleus. They don’t really have a choice anyway, out of the question to repeat a purge as they did two days ago against the Germans. As Collet said before the match, “there is already an emergency”. Stunned after its heavy defeat against Germany for its first steps at EuroBasket, the France team must already start again with coal and react. Vincent Collet’s men had promised to work hard on the fundamentals after the rout at the start of the week, and this second match will be an opportunity to see if the Fourniers, Goberts and company will keep their promise. Anyway, there is really no choice, in this group which also includes Bosnia and Slovenia, among others. From this match against Lithuania, we will also expect a duel of giants between the pair of giants Poirier-Gobert and their Baltic counterpart Sabonis-Valanciunas.>> Kick-off at 5:45 p.m.