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The author emphasizes that even when creating through artificial intelligence, human input is essential. An image created in the Midjourney system was successful in an art competition. The impressive work depicts, as it were, the environment of a theater in a spaceship. The author claims that when registering for the competition, he stated that his work was created with the help of AI. Artists riot on social networks. Jason Allen created a painting called “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial” which he entered into the Colorado State Fair competition. In the category of digital works, he finally won first place, despite the fact that he generated his piece through artificial intelligence. The information was brought by the Vice portal. Allen also shared his success on Discord, where he explained that he initially created 100 images in the Midjourney system. Subsequently, after many weeks of fine-tuning, he selected the three best of them and printed them on canvas. His most popular piece – “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial” – finally won. Also read Godzilla as a ballerina or the last selfie before the end of the world? Artificial intelligence… On the picture you will see an impressive scene as if from an opera or theater, which is located on a spaceship near an alien planet. In the huge, as if baroque hall, there are several figures in robes that were worn around the 17th century. The whole work is completed by a pleasant emphasis on gold, yellow and red colors. Allen shared his success on Discord under the nickname Sincarnate Source: Discord, reprofoto We also talked about image generators on our podcast Share: Irregular Passions on Social Networks Allen said that when entering the contest, he tagged his entry as “Jason Allen via Midjourney “, and so, according to him, he properly stated that he wanted to participate with a work that was created with the help of artificial intelligence. At the same time, he emphasizes that even with such a procedure, human input is necessary: ​​”I generate images using MJ, I make transitions using Photoshop and upscale with Gigapixel.” The novelty sparked a stormy discussion on social networks. Artists began to label Allan as someone who hastened the death of creative jobs. They are concerned about the rise of AI-generated art. Alan, despite the controversy, was only encouraged by the victory. Also read Just type words and AI will draw pictures “It’s a great thing for developers and tech-minded people, but very troubling for illustrators because it seems like you’ve eliminated the need to hire an illustrator,” cartoonist Matt Borrs told writer Charlie Warzel after what image did you choose for the newsletter, a work created by the Midjourney system.