AVE, tram and walk through Seville: Sánchez presents himself as the president “of the people” against the “docile right with the powerful”

“We are not going to shut up, we are not going to hide.” This is how Pedro Sánchez has started the first act of the ‘Government of the people’ campaign that has taken him this Saturday to the Pino Montano neighborhood, in Seville, where the Socialists have not known defeat, not even in the last Andalusian elections in which Juanma Moreno Bonilla won by an absolute majority. The phrase was addressed to a very small but noisy group of people who have followed him during the walk he has taken through the area before participating in a rally. Sánchez’s objective is to defend the management of the PSOE against “the doomsayers” in reference to a “political and media right” that, in his opinion, “is on to something else” and that “goes hand in hand” with the interests of large companies to the detriment of the social majority. Sánchez’s speech places the PP on the “docile right with the particular interests of a few powerful ones.” Inflation and the ‘Feijóo effect’: Sánchez faces the most devilish course for his Government Know more Sánchez wants to strengthen in this pre-election period the turn to the left that he gave the PSOE before the summer and he does so both in the speech and in the format trying to get closer to citizens. The walk through the Pino Montano neighborhood (which has been visited for the first time by a President of the Government), was preceded by a visit to the Metrocentro and tram expansion works, where he climbed together with the Mayor of Seville, Antonio Muñoz, and the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero. Although the act was official, it has been seen on the AVE, something unusual on the president’s agenda, who usually travels on the official plane at the direction of the security department. The socialist leader has assured that he will defend the interests of the middle and working class “at all costs” after recalling some of the measures that he has put in place in the two and a half years that he has been in office, and that he has recalled that he has faced to “calamities” such as the pandemic and now the effects of the war in Ukraine. In addition to the scholarships, the vaccines (which has confirmed that the fourth dose will begin to be supplied in September), the increase in the SMI, the revaluation of pensions or the tax reductions for electricity (and from October for gas), the President has placed special emphasis on the free Renfe subscriptions that began this week. “First the people and then everything else”, he has said by way of conclusion and summary. The PP, “hand in hand” with the energy companies “Spanish politics shows that you can vote against common sense, which is what the right and the extreme right do whenever they have the opportunity”, Sánchez has criticized the PP already Vox for opposing most of the measures that the Government has implemented. “They are giving lessons in Spanish, but working for Spain is working for the good of its people”, he has said about the party of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to whom he has once again demanded that he “put his shoulder to the wheel”. The socialist leader, who has been trying for months to prevent the party from falling into resignation, has assured that he suffers from the same opposition that Felipe González and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero had before and has warned his followers that any president of the PSOE will find it. “They have not supported us in Catalonia, nor did they support us during the pandemic, nor are they supporting us now [ha expresado tras reconocer que la legislatura está siendo la ”más compleja“]. They are going to use the war to try to overthrow the Government and I am already telling you that they are not going to succeed. They are not going to achieve it because the agenda of social democracy is the agenda of the social majority. It can be summed up in an equation that is as simple as it is necessary: ​​wealth must be redistributed between the middle and working classes, and this is what the Government of Spain is up to”. “The Government is committed to implementing policies for the benefit of the social class, the workers and the self-employed. The political and economic right are on to something else, to defend the minority interests of a few powerful ones”, insisted the president, who fundamentally places the energy companies in those powerful ones and took the opportunity to recall that the political and media right were “in hand in hand” with them in their opposition to the Iberian exception that has made it possible to put a cap on the price of gas with which electricity is generated: “I will never forget who thrived alongside the companies so that they would tell us no”. “It’s not by chance [ha apostillado]. The energy companies lead the PP and the media right by the hand”. The president, who has not forgotten in his speech the taxes on banks and energy companies that the coalition has promoted, has taken the opportunity to warn that he will press in Brussels “so that once and for all” the European Commission launches the reforms that Spain has demanded, such as the intervention of the energy market. “Unity is essential against an aggressor who is Putin,” he said after showing his support for the G7’s decision to cap the price of Russian gas now that Putin has decided to turn off the tap to Europe. Sánchez has defended the reduction of the income with which the “illegal, unjust and unjustified war” is being “financed” in Ukraine. He criticizes the Board for doing “nothing” in the face of the drought. The PSOE’s strategy also goes through marking distances with the PP management. At the national level, Sánchez has wondered what would have happened if the right had governed during the pandemic or if they now had to face the consequences of that war after recalling that they imposed a labor reform that led to “millions of layoffs” or a tax amnesty that has remembered that it would now be prohibited by law. In a more local key, he has stoked the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno Bonilla, for his inaction in the face of the drought just when the front pages today point out that Doñana has dried up: “We approved in March in an advance axis with measures amounting to 450 million for the primary sector and affected by the drought. (…) What has the Junta de Andalucía done? Any”. The general secretary of the PSOE-A, Juan Espadas, has also charged against Moreno Bonilla: “The water competitions of the Board are not being carried out.” In a usual rally format in which several supporters have later asked the president questions, Sánchez has reiterated that the measures that the Government is implementing are compatible with complying with financial orthodoxy. “They make so much noise and are so scary because they don’t want the middle class to get the idea that by making social policies we are also being fiscally responsible and that is what the government is doing: giving a solidary response and also with fiscal responsibility.” And he has claimed a “useful policy” both from the Government and from the opposition: “That it does not put hot towels on a complex situation like the one we are experiencing but that it does not pay for the discourse of fear either because there are many strengths of the Spanish economy” . Sánchez has taken out the patriotic flag by confessing “proud” of being the president of the “best country in the world”, but he has also claimed the PSOE shirt precisely before the Andalusian militants, who are seeing the blow of the ERE sentence that condemns former president José Antonio Griñán to prison if he is not prevented by a pardon or by the Constitutional Court. “I feel deeply proud to be the secretary general of the best party in the democratic history of our country, which is the Socialist Party”, concluded a Sánchez aware that he has to activate the party to turn the polls around.