The weather will change in Slovakia. At night, rain will come from the west, which may be more pronounced –

After a warm and relatively sunny Saturday, you should prepare for the fact that the second half of the weekend will be exactly the opposite. Cloudy and rainy weather awaits us, which will bring precipitation mainly to the western part of our territory, where the precipitation could be a bit more significant. Meteorological autumn has already fully started, even if the weather does not indicate it yet. Pleasant and warm weather has prevailed in our territory since the beginning of September, and it is similar today. On Saturday, mostly clear to partly cloudy weather prevails in several places, more cloudiness is only in eastern Slovakia. Temperatures in our territory climb from +18 to +25 °C, while in the warmest locations of our territory temperatures rise above +25 °C. Such temperatures are quite unusual for this time of year, which is however favorable in every way. However, the meteorological autumn will remind us. Already tomorrow, that is, on Sunday, we are expecting a more autumnal weather, which will bring a lot of clouds and precipitation. Storms will bring rain The weather in Central Europe is under the influence of a ridge of higher air pressure, but there is an occlusion front over Germany, which is already bringing numerous showers and storms here, while there are more intense storms in the south of Germany. In the course of today, this front will gradually bring storms to Austria, and some may also appear in the Czech Republic. During the evening hours, however, the storm activity will begin to weaken and the storms will gradually change to rain, while the precipitation field may be more extensive. It will start raining at night. This precipitation field will gradually move from the west towards our territory, and the first precipitation should already occur in our territory around midnight. It should be expected that during the early hours of the morning it will gradually disperse, especially in western and northwestern Slovakia. However, the precipitation field will not come all the way to the east. It will gradually disintegrate over western and northwestern Slovakia, which will bring significant precipitation totals to this area. Precipitation in our territory should stop only during the evening hours and an average of 5 to 10 mm of precipitation should fall. Numerical models, however, warn that local precipitation totals may reach up to 15 mm.