Ukraine, Medvedev: “Whoever wants to disintegrate us plays chess with death”

New warning to the West launched by the vice president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev. The former president, who attended Mikhail Gorbachev’s funeral today, warned that trying to push Russia into collapse is tantamount to playing a “game of chess with death”. Read also Some in the West would like to “take advantage of the military conflict in Ukraine to push our country to a new turn of disintegration, paralyze Russian state institutions and deprive the country of efficient controls, as happened in 1991”, Medvedev said on Telegram. , referring to the collapse of the Soviet Union. “They are the dirty dreams of Anglo-Saxon perverts, who fall asleep with a secret thought about the disintegration of our state, thinking about how to tear us apart”, he continued, emphasizing that “such attempts are very dangerous and they should not be underestimated. Those dreamers ignore a simple axiom: the forced disintegration of a nuclear power is always a game of chess with death, in which you know when checkmate arrives: the day of judgment for humanity “. Medvedev concluded by stating that Russian nuclear arsenals are “the best guarantee to safeguard Greater Russia”.