Lille: this Friday evening, the rain came to celebrate the great return of the Braderie – La Voix du Nord

Facade of the esplanade, second-hand goods dealers set up shop on Friday morning, taking advantage of a fine first day. But on Boulevard de la Liberté, they had to wait until the end of the day to deploy their arbours. The rain came at the same time… Waterspouts poured over the city around 7:15 p.m…. PHOTO BAZIZ CHIBANE – VDNPQR We’re getting the hang of it! PHOTO BAZIZ CHIBANE – VDNPQR Somehow, second-hand goods dealers have begun to set up shop in the rain. PHOTO BAZIZ CHIBANE – VDNPQR We had to be patient this Friday evening. PHOTO BAZIZ CHIBANE – VDNPQR By Matthieu Delcroix – Photos Baziz Chibane Published: September 2, 2022 at 7:36 p.m. Reading time: 3 min The vans are lined up on the central reservation, along the entire length of Boulevard de la Liberté. The junk dealers wait until 7 p.m. to start unpacking, as the rule requires. In the adjacent streets, rue Lydéric or rue de Denain for example, some did not wait. After two years without the big meeting in China, due to the health crisis, the impatience is noticeable. “Of course it’s still a very important flea market for us, confides a second-hand dealer, who has found refuge in the front of his van. But it is also an opportunity for us to meet again, especially after two difficult years. Waterspouts Around 7 p.m., therefore, and under a threatening sky, the arbors began to take shape. Some hurry. This “axis of China”, as it has been baptized, will take shape over the course of the evening. Except that a last-minute guest shows up around 7:15 p.m.: the rain. Waterspouts pour over the city, a continuous stream that will last more than an hour. Flea markets and walkers find refuge under the tents already installed or in the vans, under the porches of houses, bus shelters… Images which are reminiscent of the 2011 vintage, when the Braderie had been stopped because of a deluge rain. “Financially, it remains interesting of course. There is such a large number of people, with two million visitors…” After 8 p.m., some take advantage of a (little) lull to start unpacking. “No choice, says Bruno, from Lorraine, who has been selling at the Braderie since 1983, to be able to sleep in my truck tonight, I have to empty it first! “He found, a few hours earlier in Lille, his son and his grandson, also second-hand dealers, from Nîmes. “We should have stayed in the south! “, smiles the first, while drops of water begin to pierce the arbor. Before immediately correcting: “We don’t want to miss the Braderie, people are very kind here…” With their friend Manuel, who came from Lyon, installed a little further on the boulevard, they do not hide it: “Financially, it remains interesting of course. There is such a large number of people, with two million visitors…” The return of the Braderie, after two years of absence, will have been watered. PHOTO BAZIZ CHIBANE – VDNPQR And this, even if “it is no longer the spirit of the Braderie before”, they assure: “We have to pay 250 € to have a stand, it’s super framed… Before, we spent a week in Lille, it’s over. “And then the economic context also weighs: “People think twice before buying, I understand them”, Bruno book. Broken at the Braderie, he nevertheless refuses to make any prognosis on this edition. “In 2017, after the cancellation of 2016 (for terrorist risk), we had a great Braderie. We’ll see … ” Read also Lille: pounds and crane trucks set up the Braderie under the deluge Lille: in pictures, when the Braderie awakens in the city Flea markets, oldtimers, carnival…: back-to-school events in Belgium Continue your reading on this (these) subject(s): Brocante Météo Lille (59000, 59033, 59777, 59800, Nord)