The 50 favorite programs of the French – “The voters are the residents of an EHPAD?”, “The joke”, “Who made this ranking?”, “Shameful”: Internet users outraged by the poor ranking of the Star Academy – Yahoo News

TF1 direct screen capture / The 50 favorite shows of the FrenchThe Star Académy shunned by viewers? This was suggested by the ranking of the favorite programs of the French broadcast this Friday evening on TF1. As it prepares to make its big comeback, tele-hook only grabbed 43rd place in the charts. A score that outraged tweeters. This Friday, September 2, 2022, TF1 viewers had an appointment with a new ranking show. The first channel indeed broadcast at 9:10 p.m., The 50 favorite programs of the French. A list established by a survey of the Harris Interactive polling institute, which initially proposed to the panel one hundred emissions. The Voice”, “The right price”, “Friday everything is allowed”, “Search apartment or house”, “Les Guignols de l’info” or even “Dance with the stars”, the evening was an opportunity to dive back in the nostalgia of the last thirty years. A look back at the greatest successes of the small screen, commented by many stars: Arthur, Vincent Lagaf’, Sylvie Tellier, Jean-Luc Reichmann, Nikos Aliagas, Christophe Dechavanne, Jean-Pierre Foucault, Denis Brogniart, Camille Combal or even Philippe Risoli, have over the ranking shared their memories as hosts or viewers. A controversial 43rd place On twitter, many are also those who gave their feelings on the list. Users of the social network were particularly happy to see sequences from the D&CO program presented by Valérie Damidot (ranked 45th) or from the Weak Link hosted by Laurence Boccolini (44th). But the order of the emissions within the classification quickly seemed unfair to them. From the beginning of the evening, the discovery of the program ranked 43rd was a shock for them. After the Wheel of Fortune in 50th or Burger Quiz in 46th, it was the Star Academy that won this 43rd place. A rank that surprised the choreographer Kamel Ouali, former professor at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys: “There is one 4 too many, it’s 3rd place at least!”, He declared. The tele-hook which had hosted big international stars like Beyoncé or Madonna, was also defended by the winner of season 4, Magali Vaé: “I saw it as the best of schools because we learned from everything […] It is THE most beautiful show of the time”.Read moreTwittos were numerous to abound in their opinion. According to them, this show which was born in 2001 deserved a much better place. And their disappointment was amplified by discovering the programs hoisted higher in the hierarchy: and in particular “C’est Canteloup”, which found itself at number 38. Some Internet users, obviously not a fan of Nicolas Canteloup’s humor, would have greatly preferred that the Star Académy is better ranked than the satirical show.Ditto for Affaire concluded, which arrived a few places before the tele-hook, in 35th position.A ranking considered “shameful” and which made some doubt its reliability.