At the end of the government crisis, there are three scenarios on the table. Matovič is on the move, he refuses to resign –

When the OĽaNO movement presented ten demands on Wednesday, after which Finance Minister Igor Matovič will resign, they bought themselves five days by which the whole crisis was extended. SaS responded to the offer by saying that it is willing to negotiate if the head of OĽaNO leaves by Monday. So, while the Commons said on Wednesday that Richard Sulík was on the move, the liberals put it in the hands of the Commons, and it remains to be seen what Matovič will do in the next few days. If he does not leave by Monday, the ministers from the Liberals will resign. This offer put into play new possibilities for how the whole crisis will turn out. However, a minority government remains the most likely scenario. The minority government Matovič said that he is not willing to leave his position now. He would only do so once all his ideas were approved, which could take months. However, SaS demands its immediate end. In addition, Richard Sulík has already resigned, the remaining heads of departments for SaS will do so on Monday if the Finance Minister does not resign. They have their resignations ready,… This article is for subscribers only.
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