Dominika Kavaschová has a new hairstyle: She will have to get used to it! –

Dominika Kavaschová’s fans were certainly very happy on Wednesday evening when they saw the busy mother again on the screens of Markíza. In the grand finale of the Oteckovia series, the character of Sisa Drobná appeared again, but she had a different hairstyle than the one the viewers were used to. But that too is now a thing of the past. After Dominika Kavaschová left the popular series, she could finally experiment with her image. She not only had her hair cut short, but also dyed it blonde. The famous actress was faithful to the lighter shade for a year and a half, and now it’s time for a change. This week, Domča visited the salon of sought-after hairdresser Ondrej Grna, where she decided to undergo a daring transformation. “I’ll have to get used to you,” the popular beauty jokingly wrote on Instagram, referring to her new bangs. In addition, the native of Košice returned to the chocolate color, which completely brightened her up. “The further I go, the more I like it,” said a satisfied Donďa. Source/Photo: Instagram/donda_kawa, ondrejgrnaofficial