Zelenskyj has a villa in Tuscany: the news about who it was rented to should have really angered him – Topky.sk

According to the Italian newspaper Il Tirreno, the Russian tourists are staying with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (44). They rented his villa in the Tuscan seaside resort of Forte dei Marmi for the summer. According to the newspaper, some Russians from London rented Zelensky’s villa in August. Russians are said to have paid 50,000 euros to rent a luxury property with 15 rooms and a swimming pool. One Russian also published photos from the garden of the house. The villa must not be rented to Russians The local real estate agency is said to have first negotiated with a group of Korean tourists. However, the agreement did not go through. Instead, Russians became the tenants of the holiday home. However, according to Italian reports, there is only one condition for the rental: the villa cannot be rented to Russian citizens. Zelensky will not like the fact that it had to happen in the end. Recently, the Ukrainian president has repeatedly asked the West not to allow Russian tourists into the country in response to the war in Ukraine. This is another sanction needed to hit Vladimir Putin (69). Neighbors of Zelensky’s villa claim that they heard Russian being spoken in the premises of the villa. But the brokerage firm denies the Italian newspaper’s report. The broker denied it. Responsible agent Claudio Salvini says: “What was written is just a guess. The villa was rented to a couple for the summer. I won’t say whether they live in London or not, but I assure you that they cannot be Russians, because we are absolutely forbidden to rent the villa to Russians and Ukrainians.” According to him, the tenants of the house could have had Russian-speaking guests. However, in principle, someone else could rent the villa – and let the Russians move in. According to the investigative platform Slidstvo, the Zelenský couple allegedly bought the villa in 2017 for 3.8 million euros. Russian oligarchs like former Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich (55) also have luxury villas in the city.