“The Rings of Power”, “House of the Dragon”: “For TV series, the debate between nocturnal gluttony and weekly addiction is difficult to conclude” – Le Monde

Cover Image: Gary Waters/Ikon Images / Photononstop / Gary Waters/Ikon Images / Photononstop Less than two weeks after the release of the first episodes of House of the Dragon on HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video is streaming, starting Friday the 2nd September, the series The Rings of Power, inspired by the Lord of the Rings universe. It would be the most expensive series ever produced, with a total budget of around one billion dollars for the five seasons – a figure however never confirmed by Amazon. House of the Dragon, prequel to the Game of Thrones saga, has not escaped the inflation of production budgets: the ten episodes of the first season cost more than 200 million dollars. With what success? The first episode attracted nearly ten million people in the United States on its first night, according to Warner Discovery, and the second episode even more. However, the war waged by video-on-demand (VOD) platforms, with the backing of billions of dollars, is it not forgetting the viewer? Until now spaces of freedom and innovation, would the series take the same path as the cinema by duplicating proven recipes leading to a standardization of content? Do these exceptional budgets allow us to better serve the story and the universe from which they come? Ask your questions and debate with our journalists Thomas Sotinel, from the Culture department, and Olivier Pinaud, telecoms specialist, from 6 p.m. Our articles on the subject Economy. ‘House of the Dragon’ vs. ‘The Rings of Power’: Clash of Titans in Video on Demand Review. “The Rings of Power”, on Amazon Prime Video: review sessions before the big Tolkien show Analysis. Disney dethrones Netflix and converts to Selection advertising. “House of the Dragon”, “The Rings of Power”, “Off Season”, “Sandman”: the return of the Pixels TV series. Between Ukraine and Russia, the battle for the legacy of the “Lord of the Rings”