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The oil stain from the machinery of the ship OS 35, which had an accident last Monday off the coast of Gibraltar, has reached the Poniente beach in La Línea de La Concepción, but the heavy fuel leak that occurred this Thursday is ” controlled” as confirmed by the mayor of this municipality, Juan Franco, in La Hora de La 1 on TVE. Franco has assured, at a press conference in the Bay of Algeciras, that what has reached the coast is the oil from one of the ship’s cranes, but that the heavy fuel leak, which is what worries him the most, is controlled. At first, the mayor assured, in an interview in La Hora de La 1, that the fuel had reached the coast, but later, at the press conference in the Bay of Algeciras, he clarified that the stain that had reached the coast is made of oil from the machinery. Juan Franco, mayor of La Línea de la Concepción: “The spill has reached the beaches of La Línea” – See now “These would be the remains of the leak” that occurred this Thursday, the mayor later explained at a press conference on the stain that has reached the beach surrounding the Rock, due to the winds. He has also stated that “if the work continues at the rate it is and the ship is emptied of combustible material, the first serious problem will have been solved and this would only be the remains of that leak”. The area, as he has assured, is marked off and a red flag has been placed that prohibits swimming. ▪️ Mayor of La Línea: “What is truly worrying is the 500 tons of different products that the ship has. […] At the time we are at and with the information we have, we can say that it is controlled”Directo�� #LaHora2S��“ — La Hora de La 1 ( @LaHoraTVE) September 2, 2022 Regarding the tasks of collecting the fuel spilled in the sea, half of the fuel leak that occurred has been removed, but the part of the spill that crossed the containment barrier still needs to be cleaned and that it is the one that is reaching the coast, as explained by the mayor on TVE, although he has indicated that it is information from several hours ago.The tasks of pumping the fuel carried by the bulk carrier have so far managed to extract 197 meters cubic meters of diesel, which represents 80% of the fuel oil load carried by the ship, since it began this Thursday afternoon until 7:00 a.m. this Friday, after having been maintained continuously throughout the night, according to informed the government of Gibraltar. The OS 35 carried, for its own consumption, 215 tons of heavy fuel oil, 250 tons of diesel and 27 tons of lubricating oil. A part of this fuel that has not been quantified was dumped into the sea this Thursday and crossed the first containment barrier. The leak, located in two tank vents, was later sealed by divers. The City Council of La Línea de la Concepción has launched a cleaning device to act in the removal of spill residues on Poniente beach and has called a meeting for next Monday with the sectors affected by the spill produced by OS35 . As explained by the mayor, representatives of the entire economic fabric of the town related to the coast, the beach and the sea, such as the fishing sector, the beach bars, the concessionaires of the two marinas, the canning company Ubago and business associations of the municipality. Representatives of the different political groups represented in the City Council, in addition to municipal staff, have also been summoned to the meeting. The objective is to expose the situation of the ship OS35, which is “about three hundred meters from the coastline of our city”, he explained, in addition to foreseeing the actions to be carried out in the event that the discharges reach the beaches of The line. Ecologists in Action warns of consequences for the environment The organization Verdemar-Ecologistas en Acción has a ship, the Diosa Maat sailboat, which set sail this morning to check the evolution of the fuel spill and has verified how the marine currents carried the stain in direction west, towards the area of ​​the Natural Park of the Strait. The spill, as Antonio Muñoz, of Verdemar- Ecologists in Action, explained in La Hora de La 1, had surpassed the anti-pollution barrier this morning, below it, and had moved almost one mile to the area where the ships collided. “Today has been a long day and unfortunately we have a spill on our shores.
Wreck of the bulk carrier OS 35 (TV)
Tomorrow we will continue working to minimize the impact on the coastline. #dumping #bunker #gibraltar
We are #verdemar #verdemarecologistas“ — Verdemar Ecologists in Action (@Verdemar_EA) September 2, 2022The environmental organization has warned of the consequences that the spill of fuel can have on the population of an endemic protected species in the area, the Patella ferruginea, considered one of the most endangered marine gastropods in the western Mediterranean, and which may be affected, in addition to the existence of a colony of dolphins.