Ezentis enters into pre-bankruptcy proceedings | News | Infrastructures – Redes & Telecom.es

Grupo Ezentis reported yesterday afternoon the decision to go into pre-bankruptcy with creditors. The telecommunications infrastructure operator indicated that its Board of Directors has made this decision in light of the knowledge that due to the “treasury tensions” that it has been suffering in recent months, the company is in a situation of imminent insolvency, which could become current in the coming weeks. Ezentis enters creditors pre-bankruptcy. In the communication sent, he acknowledges that the Board has been working in recent months on a viability plan that can ensure the continuity of the Company and its subsidiaries and that it has received the support of both its main client and financial institutions. . However, to date it has not been possible to guarantee the necessary premises for such viability (especially the relevant cash inflow), which is why the entity has agreed to present the communication opening negotiations with creditors. “The decision to submitting the aforementioned communication for opening negotiations with creditors – which has also been adopted by the administrative body of the Company’s national subsidiaries – has been adopted after obtaining the appropriate external advice and in order to protect the interests of creditors and shareholders of the Company, enabling additional time to reach the necessary agreements with the creditors”, they have explained. This request was presented yesterday, September 1, in the competent court of Seville. Likewise, Ezentis has informed that the subsidiary of the Company in Germany has filed a declaration of insolvency with the corresponding body. Let us remember that last May the company a requested a ransom of 70 million euros from SEPI (State Company for Industrial Participations) which was rejected. One of the great economic problems that haunt the group is a debt of around 130 million. Likewise, its first quarter results were not good. Ezentis closed the first quarter of the year with revenues of 82.8 million euros, a reduction of 12.2% compared to the same period in 2021.