The boys were building a castle on the beach. Suddenly, the sandwork collapsed and killed one of them | –

Playing with sand is a favorite activity for many children, but it turned fatal for an 11-year-old boy who was building a castle on the beach in Chile, South America. Once he was inside the tunnel, a mass of sand collapsed and buried him. Although he was immediately taken to the hospital, the doctors could no longer help him. The tragedy took place over the weekend at Peuno beach in Pelluhue. Radio Bio Bio reported that the boy attended the sixth form in one of the schools there and was playing with another boy on the beach. According to some media, it was supposed to be siblings. Together they built a sandcastle with a large tunnel. While they were inside, the structure collapsed. “The upper part of the tunnel collapsed, the sand buried the boy and killed him,” Chilean daily Séptima Página Noticias quoted the police as saying. The boy, two years younger, managed to escape, but there was no one around at the time, so he ran home for help. Police and paramedics then went to the scene. “The boy was taken to a medical center where doctors pronounced him dead,” the police said. The lawmen added that “the investigation made it possible to establish that there was no fault of others and the death was an accident.” Nevertheless, they ordered an autopsy to reveal the exact cause of the boy’s death.