Unemployment rises by 40,428 people in August and once again exceeds the threshold of 2.9 million – La Voz de Galicia

As for the provinces, registered unemployment fell in 7 headed by Huelva (-1,479), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (-686) and Zaragoza (-657) and increased in the remaining 45, including Barcelona (6,481), Valencia ( 3,677) and Madrid (3,254). Registered unemployment among foreigners fell in August by 3,388 unemployed (-0.94%) compared to the previous month, until the total number of unemployed immigrants stood at 356,776. More temporary contracts in August than permanent contracts The total number of contracts registered during August was 1,283,791. Of these, 506,731 are permanent and represent 39.47% of the total, while the signing of temporary contracts stood at 777,060 in August, 60.53% of the total. In the accumulated of the year, 12,511,212 contracts have been signed, 5.45% more than in the first eight months of 2021. Of that total, 4,474,581 are permanent contracts and 8,036,631 are temporary. Of the 506,731 permanent contracts signed in August, 217,743 were full-time, 118,941 part-time and 170,047 permanent. Regarding the duration of their working day, temporary contracts in August are divided into 520,499 full-time and 256,561 part-time. Filed under: Unemployment Ministry of Labor and Social Economy Yolanda Díaz Canarias