Shocking DEATH of a beautiful presenter (†27): SUICIDE shortly before the wedding! –

Neena Pacholke served as a morning show news anchor and was a successful basketball player for many years. She was scheduled to marry her fiance on October 12. Kyle Haase is a divorced father of two who was 11 years older than the blonde. The couple lived together, but at the time when the presenter took her own life, according to media reports, he was not at home. Haase has not yet commented on the tragedy. However, her older sister Kaitlynn posted a heartbreaking status on Facebook. “I know she is no longer in pain. And I’m grateful for that. Neena, I love you more than you could ever understand. You were my best friend. My whole world. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you,” she wrote. The presenter’s partner – Brendan Mackey, in cooperation with other colleagues, created a video in which they remembered the smiling blonde. “What you saw on the screens was what Neena was like in real life. She always tried to make everyone feel good. It was an honor to work with you. You were Batman and I was Robin, and I loved being your colleague,” said the presenter, who couldn’t hold back tears.