The rings of power: What time does the new series of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ premiere on Prime – Marca México

For all fans of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, the wait is over! Finally, the new series of the saga arrives on Amazon Prime Video. When it reaches? What is it about? Here we tell you. When does the Lord of the Rings of Power premiere? Thanks to the information that was released, the first two episodes of ‘The Lord of the Rings of Power’ will be released worldwide between 1 and September 2, this will depend on the time of each city. The other episodes will be released at the same time, launching the last one until October 14. In Mexico, it opens today, September 1 at 8 p.m., Mexico City time. How many rings did Sauron create? In this new series we will see that one of the 20 rings of power that are forged reaches Sauron, the which, is capable of giving him the power that makes him the great villain that we have already seen. We recommend: today’s best sports VIDEOS What is this new story of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ about? The material that will be released by Prime Video is a prequel, since the story we know takes place in the Third Age, while the series is set in the Second Age. As we already mentioned, in the series we see how 20 rings of power are forged, seven of them go to the dwarves, three more to the elves, men will have nine and the last one to Sauron. There are some rumors that Numeror could be seen and the story of him having a link to Sauron. In addition to this, it must be taken into account that there will be no hobbits in the series, but there will be harfoots, a species similar to hobbits, where Markella Kavenagh in the role of Elanor Brandyfoot or ‘Nori’, will have a key role. *Photo: Reuters