Paid parking for thermal two-wheelers in Paris: a “totally unfair and unsuitable” measure for the Federation of Angry Bikers

Jean-Marc Belotti, coordinator of the Federation of Angry Bikers for Paris and the departments of the inner suburbs, denounces Thursday, September 1 on franceinfo the establishment of paid parking for thermal two-wheelers in Paris, which he considers “totally unfair and inappropriate”. The Federation calls to demonstrate Saturday noon in front of the town hall of Paris to oppose it. franceinfo: How do you judge this measure? Jean-Marc Belotti: It’s totally unfair and inappropriate. We hear a lot about purchasing power at the moment, and Ms. Hidalgo is putting additional taxes in her city. For motorists too: this year, parking has increased by 100%, since they paid 3 euros, and now it is 6 euros. The most stigmatized are always the suburbanites, who live 30 or 40 km from Paris, and cannot come to work by bike. These people who, because of the price of real estate, have moved to the small or even the large crown, they are told that they will pay to enter Paris. We are told: motorists pay so you should pay. But a motorized two-wheeler brings enormous added value in terms of traffic flow and ecology. Why do you think two-wheelers should be exempt from paid parking? A motorized two-wheeler brings a lot of advantages. People who come to work in Paris with their car often come alone in a car with four to six seats. We have a vehicle which is very mobile, which is smaller. We occupy 50% of its place since there are two places with the driver. A motorized two-wheeler pollutes much less insofar as, at the same distance, it drives much less time because it is not subject to traffic jams. Finally, for a car space, there are between three and four motorized two-wheelers. It is a real mobility solution. Electric two-wheelers do not have to pay: does this make it possible to switch to these vehicles? For the moment no. There are quite expensive offers at dealerships. Aid is not enough. We have people who buy Chinese scooters on the internet, but the problem is that we don’t have the industry to repair them. The mayor of Paris says to take electric scooters or transport, but there are people who are landlocked in underserved suburbs. The RATP announces that they have a deficit of 1,500 drivers, so public transport is not yet sufficiently adapted to the mobility needs of commuters. The problem with environmentalists is that they are putting in place punishments and prohibitions before putting in place the alternatives. Will bikers pay for their parking? I am against this measure, so I will go to the end of my convictions because I resist this measure which I find totally unsuitable and unfair. I will not pay for my parking. We invite users of motorized two-wheelers to park with the license plates in the direction of the buildings, towards the sidewalk, which will prevent radar cars from picking up the plates when they pass. The town hall of Paris will have to manage and will be obliged to hire brigades on foot. We will try to harm them as much as we can.