Montpellier: Fuel discount day, service station rush day – 20 Minutes

The line of cars extends to the adjacent boulevard. It’s a petrol rush at this Total group station on Avenue de la Justice in Castelnau. In Montpellier, as everywhere else. They are thousands to have waited for this September 1st and the passage of the fuel discount from 18 to 30 centimes per litre. Here, unleaded is displayed at 1,410 euro. Diesel 1.668 euro. You have to go back in time to find such amounts. “We had a lot of customers, all day, recognizes Benjamin, from the service station. With aid from the State and the Total group, people know that they are making significant savings from today. The state fuel discount of 30 cents will be in place until October 30. Many waited until Thursday to refuel. “We waited as long as possible before refueling. Twelve cents per litre, it’s important in our budget”, recognizes Ghislaine. “They could do a lot more” “Since the beginning of the week, we have been juggling my car and that of my wife”, opines Mac. The service station is always full. “The quantity of gasoline distributed to customers is nearly double that of a normal day,” continues Benjamin. The boost is appreciated by consumers. Even if, for Joel, the cursor can be pushed even further. “We have crumbs compared to everything the state collects. They take 60% tax. So this discount of 30 cents, very good. But they can go much lower still. »