“I don’t want Berdah to commit suicide”, Géraldine Maillet’s disturbing statement on Magali’s mental health – Public

Booba has promised, he will not let go of Magalie Berdah and especially the influencers, mainly from reality TV who, according to him, scam their fans by selling them fake products or by doing dropshipping. If his fight is quite honorable, the rapper divides on his way of proceeding. Especially when he continues to attack the boss of Shauna Events who deplores the fact of being harassed by the DUC and his followers on a daily basis. A situation which forced Cyril Hanouna to defend himself on TPMP. A delicate position for the host of C8 given that he gets along well with both parties. “The only message we’re going to send tonight is that we have to stop the harassment of Magali and all the people for that matter. That’s unacceptable, it brings drama. It has to be stop, it’s unbearable”, he asked in order not to favor and give credit to the. cyberbullying.Géraldine Maillet calls for an end to this warA speech joined by Géraldine Maillet, yet still very virulent when it comes to breaking sugar on the backs of influencers. “I completely understand. Defending influencers seems absurd to me. I’ve always kicked reality TV and I’ve always kicked influencers, especially those who come from reality TV. It shows that I hate and that I find all that empty…”, she first informed Fabrice Di Vizio who defends Booba, before adding: “Despite everything, I understand that this is a new profession, that it is the Wild West , that we need rules “.”I agree with you but nothing justifies cyberbullying to denounce certain things”, regrets the companion of Daniel Riolo, who has just responded to the Mbappé clan, who requested a call calm in this case: “It means that we condemn something which could be disgusting practices of influencers but we must also condemn cyberbullying at the same time because it also kills, it causes victims”. This war between Magalie Berdah and Booba worries her enormously and she did not hesitate to let it be known: “Today, it’s back to school. I don’t want Berdah to commit suicide, I don’t want let her be attacked”. See also: Kylian Mbappé: the PSG player threatens to file a complaint against the companion of Géraldine Maillet (TPMP), Daniel Riolo! RF