In Japan ‘war on floppy disks’, even the fax in the viewfinder

In Japan, there is a war on floppy disks. And to the technology of yesteryear. To declare it, the Minister for Digital Affairs, Taro Kono, who is betting everything on the online. And the next to end up in the viewfinder could be the fax. About 1,900 paperwork still requires companies to use storage media such as floppy disks, as well as CDs and minidiscs, to submit applications or store data, and regulations will be updated to allow the use of online services, the minister said. And during a press conference, reports the BBC, he pressed: “Nowadays where do you buy a disk?”. And again the former foreign minister added: “I am trying to eliminate the fax and I still intend to do so”. It is not the first time that Japan has made headlines for its ‘habits’. And in 2018, recalls the BBC in an article relaunched on Twitter by Taro Kono himself, it was a ‘shock’ when the Minister for Cybersecurity admitted that he had never used a computer. He has always left everything to his staff to do it.