Newsfilter: Sulík trained the swindling Matovič – Denník N

Are you ready? Disney+ day is coming. Exclusive premieres + much more await you on September 8. The news was selected and commented by Filip Obradovič 1. Sulík read Matovič’s play On the day when the SaS ministers were planning to resign, Igor Matovič, with the help of his subordinates, tested Richard Sulík’s attention. Eduard Heger and Jaroslav Naď presented a proposal just before the government meeting, according to which the chairman of OĽaNO will finally resign from the post of finance minister, if the chairman of SaS also resigns with him and the ten demands of OĽaNO are approved. With a serious expression on their faces, they covered themselves with strong words about the approaching global energy crisis, so that it would not be known that in reality it was just another swindle by Matovič to turn the game, humiliate Sulík and get him to accept a big compromise. However, Matovič, Heger, Naď and others who staffed this performance, overestimated themselves. The president of SaS did not lose his head, he read the fake play and trained Matovič and his entire entourage from the first political lessons. Humiliated. This article is exclusive content for Denník N subscribers. Are you a subscriber? Log in