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The James Webb telescope portrays a galaxy never seen before – RTVE


The first images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope have been long in coming. However, it has been worth it. “Today, we present humanity with a revolutionary new view of the cosmos from the James Webb Space Telescope – a view the world has never seen before,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. And the truth is that it is so. Thanks to the James Webb we have discovered a galaxy 35,000 million light years from Earth and 55 distant galaxies, 44 of which had not been seen before. Differences between Hubble and James Webb The cameras of the Webb are designed to look back in the time, to show us the time when the Universe was a newborn, about 13.5 billion years ago. There are many technological differences that have been used in the construction of the Hubble and the Webb, which translate into a very significant improvement in the quality of the photographs it takes. Weight and size: The Hubble Space Telescope weighs 11 tons and measures 13, 2 meters long and 4.2 wide. For its part, the James Webb weighs 6.2 tons and measures 21 meters long and 14 wide. The latter is larger, but weighs less than Hubble. Comparison of mirrors and viewing range: Hubble has a 2.4 meter mirror. A size that has nothing to do with that of James Webb, 6.5 meters. The larger the size of the mirror, the greater the distance it can be seen with the telescope. Its location: James Webb is further from Earth than Hubble, which suggests to scientists that it will last less since Being further from Earth, it is more complicated to send a mission to repair it. Infrared versus ultraviolet: James Webb observes the universe in the infrared spectrum, while Hubble does so from optical and ultraviolet wavelengths. The South Ring Nebula as imaged by Hubble (right) and by James Webb (left). NASA / ESA / CSA / STSCI Photos by James WebbCarina NebulaThe James Webb Space Telescope reveals emerging stellar nurseries and individual stars in the Carina Nebula that were previously hidden. Objects in the early, rapid stages of star formation are difficult to photograph, but Webb’s extreme sensitivity, spatial resolution, and imaging capabilities have made it possible to capture these moments. Stephan’s Quintet This photograph captures how interacting galaxies trigger the formation of stars from each other and how the gas in them alters.WASP-96bThe James Webb Space Telescope pictures the planet WASP-96b, a hot and bloated planet outside our solar system. And it reveals the clear signature of water, along with evidence of haze and clouds in the planet’s atmosphere that previous studies missed. , both captured by the instruments of the James Webb Space Telescope. This scene was created by a white dwarf star, the remnant of a star like our Sun that after shedding its outer layers stopped burning fuel through nuclear fusion. These outer layers generate the mantles that surround the star and can be seen in the image. SMACS 0723 The James Webb Telescope has collected the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the distant Universe to date. This image gives us just a glimpse of Webb’s abilities to study deep fields and track galaxies back to the beginning of cosmic time. The Cartwheel The Galaxy of the Cartwheel, located about 500 million light years away, is named for its appearance, similar to that of a cartwheel. Its peculiar appearance is due to a high-speed collision between a large spiral galaxy and a smaller one. And it presents two rings: a bright inner one and a surrounding colored one. Both expand outward from the center of the collision, like ripples in a pond after a stone has been thrown into it, explains NASA. Because of these distinctive features, astronomers call this galaxy a “ring” galaxy, a less common structure than spiral galaxies like our Milky Way. young star clusters. The outer ring, which has been expanding for about 440 million years, is dominated by star formation and supernovae. As this ring expands, it penetrates the surrounding gas and triggers star formation. Fan Galaxy This image provides insight into the formation of star systems. The details give a new way of understanding the cosmos. And consequently, the information collected helps to produce a view of the universe that is closer to reality.


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