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The precautionary suspension of the license for the felling of the San Jacinto ficus –


The decision of the judge to provisionally suspend the license for the felling of the San Jacinto ficus is a new chapter in the action on this tree, which began this Tuesday and where there have been concentrations, demonstrations, three activists perched on the specimen, the action of the firefighters and even the Local Police protecting the actions on the centenary tree. Early on Thursday, the tree woke up with only the main trunk because the operators were working until Wednesday night. Numerous onlookers came to see how the main branches were felled, which remained suspended in the air and only grabbed by a crane that supported the weight of these ficus elements. The spokesman for the municipal government, Juan Manuel Flores, explained that the consistory immediately complied with the court order issued this morning by the Contentious-Administrative Court number 9 of Seville, where the license granted to the Dominicans who run the the church of San Jacinto for the felling of the ficus of the atrium while the court resolves the appeal filed by an entity against the granted permit. Flores explained that “the government has acted at all times following the judicial resolutions that have been issued and that yesterday, first, not only did they not urge the suspension of the license in question, but they summoned the appellant entity to resolve defects procedural procedures before admitting to processing the request that he made to suspend it precautionary ». Immediately after the court transferred the car to the Town Hall at mid-morning yesterday, Thursday, the administrative resolution necessary to comply with and comply with the judicial resolution issued and notified was urgently drafted and processed. At the same time, the news spread like wildfire and the protesters who were at the corner of San Jacinto and Pagés del Corro streets, a few meters from the ficus, began to rebuke the workers and the police who were in the place , pointing out that they could not remove the fallen branches because they could serve as evidence for the study of the case. These elements were scattered in the atrium of the temple and were there since Wednesday night, when the workers were up long after the sun went down carrying out the authorized felling of the main points of the ficus, together with a crane that held the stems and the leaves in a very complex operation due to the height at which they were and the possibility that they would fall on the entrance to the temple or on the access gate. Danger The grandeur of the ficus disappeared and, at the same time, the danger that stalked all the people who passed through this corner of the Triana neighborhood. Only the trunk remains. The court stated in the order that there are “three days to be able to allege what it deems appropriate.” From the Urbanism and Environment management, the document of the agreement of the executive commission of the management of May 31, 2022, by which this license was granted to the Dominicans, as well as all the documentation that is required will be provided. . Also, they recalled from the consistory that since the approval of the license, no allegation or appeal had been presented by any entity or political group to the file. The decree of the management by which the order of yesterday Thursday and notified to the parish of San Jacinto is complied with, urges to adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the integrity of the people and thus avoid damage to them or the goods that could occur as consequence of the suspension of the license, with advice from the entity’s own technicians. In addition, the City Council recalled that “if for reasons of resources, the owner of the property cannot meet this obligation, the management will proceed to delimit the premises in order to avoid such damage.” Juan Manuel Flores insisted on the idea that it is “the license has always been granted according to technical criteria that warned us of the danger of the tree for the safety of people in such a crowded area and also because of the effect on a temple that is protected. The file also has a report from the Provincial Historical Heritage Commission. In accordance with these criteria of security and patrimonial integrity and taking into account that the treatments carried out on the ficus did not solve the problems, the municipal government, out of responsibility, granted the license to the church of San Jacinto. Given all this, the Triana neighborhood is getting used to a new image of the San Jacinto parish, without the luxuriance of the centenary ficus and with the new vision of the front of the temple, which is part of a building with a design of Matías José de Figueroa, son of Leonardo de Figueroa, who worked in the Colegial del Salvador or in the church of San Luis de los Franceses. Detail of the trunk of the ficus Vanessa Gómez Continuous search for solutions Since the felling was announced, the protesters have insisted on the search for solutions and understanding between the different parties involved so that this situation in which the tree has lost how grand it was. However, the problem continues because the roots continue to grow underground and, as has been pointed out in the technical reports, they are affecting the structure of an 18th century church which is also a Site of Cultural Interest and it has to be protected.


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