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Patrick Swayze would have celebrated 70! These are 9 forms of the famous idol – no wonder the world loved him so much – ŽENA.PRAVDA.SK


Insidious cancer ended his life prematurely, but it is actually impossible to forget the actor Patrick Swayze. The idol of several generations would have celebrated his seventieth birthday on Thursday, August 18. Photo: Bonnie Colodzin / Zuma Press / Profimedia Actor Patrick Swayze began his career as a model. In a shot from 1979. The audience met the native of Houston, USA for the first time in 1979, when he debuted in front of the camera in the Skatetown project, USA. He already had flirtations with the lens as an occasional model, but also numerous dance performances. The turning point in his career came only in the mid-eighties – then he first appeared in the popular TV series North and South and then in perhaps the most iconic film of his career – the love dance romance Sinful Dance. From that moment on, Swayze became America’s real sex idol, and his popularity grew extremely around the world. The producers did not expect the low-budget film to earn $64 million in the US and $214 million worldwide. Swayze also co-wrote and performed the hit song She’s Like the Wind from the film, further boosting his popularity. Jennifer Gray appeared alongside him in the legendary romantic film, but paradoxically, despite the success of the film, she was unable to make such a breakthrough in her career. However, in the case of Swayze, one thing was immediately clear – Hollywood had a new handsome man who was attracting masses of female and male viewers to the cinemas. He then further strengthened his status as an acting star with the film Spirit, which is one of the other “pearls” of Swayze’s career, or for example with the film Bod zlomu, where he starred alongside another new “sex idol” and a favorite of the young audience – actor Keanu Reeves. Read more 25 years ago, Kolje won an Oscar: He made Šuvadová and Chalimon famous, Svěrákovec cemented his star status. Thanks to his appearance, Patrick Swayze has been on the lists of the most beautiful and sexiest actors several times. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, his face appeared on posters hanging on the walls of teenage girls’ rooms around the world. However, for decades the actor was the devoted husband of his long-time love – the dancer Lisa Niemiová. She was sitting by his side even at the moment when he breathed his last. It happened on September 14, 2009, when the actor at the age of 57 lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed with a malignant disease at the beginning of 2008, and despite the demanding treatment, he managed one more role – in the film The Beast. The actor also visited Slovakia during his lifetime. This happened in 2005, when he appeared at the award announcement of the TOM (Televízna osobnost Markíza) poll, which was announced by TV Markíza. VIDEO: Did you know that dogs can smell cancer The content was created in cooperation with


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