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The fires in Rača were extinguished. They find out the cause of their occurrence and the amount of damages | –


Updated 09:53 16/08/2022, 15:34 Several places were on fire in the Rača district of Bratislava on Tuesday. Around 60 firefighters from the capital, Trnava and volunteers from the surrounding area fought the fire. A helicopter from the Ministry of the Interior also helped. The fire first started above Rača in the early afternoon on Horská cesta and Račianska street. Approximately two hours later, the fire also broke out in the field above Modra and Šenkvice. The flames engulfed several hectares of vineyards and surrounding vegetation, which were reduced to ashes. “I would like to thank the firefighters – state and volunteer from several districts – for their highly professional response to the fire above Meopta, as well as the police and other units,” said the mayor of Rače, Michal Drotován. The fire spread very quickly at the beginning, it also engulfed the wooden roofs. For that reason, they allegedly had to evacuate the children’s camp as well. No one was hurt. ​The city district warned residents on the social network to keep their windows closed. Some streets were also impassable. They calculate the extent of the damage. Fire investigators and investigators will check whether someone started the fire intentionally. “Damage is being calculated and the cause is being investigated. We will also try as a city district to help the damaged vineyards, whose crops were burned. And you too will be able to help on September 9-11, 2022 by buying their products (wine, burčiak, cider, grapes) at the Račian vintage,” he urged the residents of Drotován. On Tuesday, there were also speculations as to whether it was a deliberate arson with the aim of creating new building plots. The mayor denied it. “All the land that was affected by the fire is in the zoning plan of the vineyard and no fire will change that. In the same way, if there were to be a fire in the forest park, it will not create construction plots. In reality, you can contribute the most to saving the vineyards by buying the products of our winegrowers and winemakers,” he added.

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