NewsWorldUS, Gop primaries: defeat Liz Cheney, the anti-Trump republican

US, Gop primaries: defeat Liz Cheney, the anti-Trump republican


Liz Cheney, front runner of the Republican internal minority opposing Donald Trump in Congress, was defeated in the GOP primaries in Wyoming by the opponent supported by the former US president, Harriet Hageman, a loyalist of Trump and a firm supporter of the thesis of the electoral plot against the Tycoon. “Defending the truth honors those who have given everything,” said Cheney, daughter of the former vice president, after the preliminary results of the vote were released. “We must behave in a dignified manner with the men and women who wear the uniform of this nation and in particular with those who have made the last sacrifice,” said Cheney, quoted by CNN. “No office on this earth, no seat in the House of Representatives is more important than the principles we have all sworn to protect,” she concluded. Daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, Liz was one of the rising stars of the Republican party until she led the small frond, 10 MPs, who voted for Donald Trump’s second impeachment. A position that she has already cost her the position of number 3 in the party. Elected to the third term, and quickly reached the top of the party, Cheney, who is 56, would never have imagined until two years ago that she could lose her seat in what is considered the family’s political fiefdom. The Republican, however, is showing indomitable in the face of defeat, above all because having become the face of the small but somewhat influential anti-Trump conservative movement has won her new alliances, with many not excluding the possibility of a his rupture candidacy in the presidential primary of 2024. “I will make the decision on 2024 along the way,” he answered in recent weeks to a direct question from CNN. The daughter of George W. Bush’s vice president – whom many in those eight years in office considered the true helmsman of the Republican administration – however, does not hide that she considers it her mission to block a new Trump candidacy for the White House. “This is the danger it poses to the country and it can no longer be even close to power,” she said during a rally in June talking about Trump. Some of the Republican backers who oppose Trump – most notably LinkedIn creator Reid Hoffman – are already actually considering supporting a Cheney candidacy.

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