NewsWorldThe north of Crimea was rocked by explosions, witnesses...

The north of Crimea was rocked by explosions, witnesses also report explosions from the airport near Simferopol –


Explosions rocked the north of the occupied Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea this morning, Russian news agencies reported. According to the TASS agency, among other things, a former farmhouse that was used by the army as an ammunition depot exploded. The Russian Ministry of Defense later described the explosions as the result of sabotage. The Russian online newspaper Kommersant, citing eyewitnesses, reported that black smoke was rising from the Russian air base near Simferopol in the central part of Crimea after the explosions. It could have been an attack by an unmanned aircraft According to the newspaper’s sources, the authorities are checking whether it was an attack by a small unmanned aircraft on the ammunition warehouse at the Hvardijske (Russian: Gvardejskoje) airport. Officials have not yet commented, the newspaper added. According to the TASS agency, the explosion of ammunition in a military warehouse near the town of Dzhankoy in the north of Crimea required the evacuation of the residents of the nearby village of Majskoye. The Russian Ministry of Defense described the explosion as the result of sabotage. According to him, civil buildings were also damaged, including electrical lines and other equipment, railways and a number of residential buildings. “No one was seriously injured. Necessary measures are being taken to eliminate the consequences of the diversion,” the Russian ministry added, according to the TASS agency. The head of the pro-Russian administration of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, said earlier that the explosions injured two civilians, but that their lives were not in danger. According to the Minister of Health of the Crimean Government, Konstantin Skorypský, doctors operated on one injured person, the patient is in a moderately serious condition. The second injured person was released home after treatment. Aksyonov said that three thousand people had to be evacuated from the area around the burning warehouse. Some houses burned down. The RBK-Ukraine server pointed out that the Hvardijske (Russian: Gvardejskoye) airport near Simferopol is located several hundred kilometers from the front line. The airport, which belongs to the Russian Navy, is a base for 12 Su-24 bombers and 12 Su-25 fighter jets, Ukrainska Pravda added, referring to the Twitter of the head of the investigative website Bellingcat, Christ Grozev. They hit the ammunition warehouse RIA Novosti, citing local authorities, also reported on the explosion that caused a fire at the transformer station in the town of Dzhankoy, which with its 38,000 inhabitants is one of the larger cities in the north of Crimea. It is not clear whether the fire at the substation disrupted power supplies in the city. One of the exiled leaders of the Crimean Tatars, Refat Čubarov, wrote on social networks that local residents report a “precise hit on a military unit of the Russians”, and later specified that “an ammunition depot was hit” and “explosions can be heard far away in the steppe”. “Reminder: Crimea as a normal country is about the Black Sea, mountains, recreation and tourism, but Crimea occupied by Russians is about warehouse explosions and high risk of death for intruders and thieves,” Mykhailo Podoljak, an adviser to the Ukrainian presidential office, wrote on Twitter. Addressing the explosions, he added, alluding to the official Russian goal of “demilitarizing” Ukraine, that it was “demilitarization in practice.” Last week, an explosion rocked Russia’s Saky airbase in Crimea. According to Moscow, aerial ammunition exploded there. Kyiv denied attacking the base. According to satellite images released by Planet Labs, the explosion damaged planes and airport infrastructure. 01 – Modified: 2022-08-16 10:25:49 – Feat.: 1 – Title: More explosions in Crimea. The north of the peninsula was rocked by the explosions of the ammunition warehouse, Moscow talks about sabotage 02 – Modified: 2022-08-16 09:07:40 – Feat.: 1 – Title: BBC: Kyiv hit the Wagner headquarters in Popasna. The attack has already been confirmed by pro-Kremlin war reporters 03 – Modified: 2022-08-15 11:42:37 – Feat.: 0 – Title: Buryats, Tatars and others are rebelling. Is Putin’s Russian empire on the verge of collapse? 04 – Modified: 2022-08-13 06:04:13 – Feat.: 1 – Title: Explosions in Crimea caused by Ukrainian attack, stated and then denied by Pentagon 05 – Modified: 2022-08-12 22:00:00 – Feat .: 1 – Title: Myths about the economic prosperity of Moscow. Neither people nor politicians understand the decline of Russia 01 – Modified: 2022-08-16 11:25:17 – Feat.: – Title: In the east of Ukraine, a young Russian journalist lost her life, she was killed by a mine 02 – Modified: 2022-08-16 09 :47:45 – Feat.: – Title: Economists disagree on the long-term development of the Russian economy 03 – Modified: 2022-08-16 09:16:08 – Feat.: – Title: Number of victims and missing persons after explosion and fire rose again in Yerevan 04 – Modified: 2022-08-16 08:57:46 – Feat.: – Title: Ukraine neither confirmed nor denied responsibility for explosions in Crimea 05 – Modified: 2022-08-16 08:27:25 – Feat .: – Title: Russia has no need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, declared Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu


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