NewsWorldA quick WEDDING of a 60-year-old actress: She married...

A quick WEDDING of a 60-year-old actress: She married a 22-year-old RABBIT! –


Michelle Collins is mainly known thanks to acting in several telenovelas. She worked for the longest time in the series EastEnders, in which she played the character of Cindy Beale for 10 years. She then starred in Coronation Street between 2011 and 2014. As she told OK! magazine, the ceremony was extremely emotional for her. Last year her mother died of cancer, with which she fought for 2 years. She missed her immensely at the wedding. The blonde’s daughter Maia (25) did not participate in the big day either. “It was very emotional. Like Mike said, we lost a lot of people and a lot of them couldn’t come. My mother’s photo was with us the whole time at the wedding, right next to the guests. I know she would be very proud,” said the actress. Photo gallery (3) Michelle Collins and Mike Davidson are already married.
Source: As she added, she no longer even hoped that she would ever get married again. Her younger partner opposed the wedding. In the end, however, she waited and in April of this year, after 10 years, he asked her to marry him, which of course she couldn’t believe. At the time, she wrote on her Instagram profile: “It happened. We were in Los Angeles and he got down on one knee during our tour. No one was there at the time. It’s a wonderful feeling and I’m incredibly happy.”


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